Thursday, January 18, 1940 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 7, col. 2

Turnip waxing industry

When some smart person thought of Waxing Turnips so that they would be sealed with all the natural juices, he started something that has grown into a large industry, observes the Walkerton Herald-Times.

Several thousand dollars worth of turnips are waxed in Stouffville every winter at the Drewery plant, although R. E. ships by truck and railways 35 or 45 carloads every season unwaxed.

Walkterton and Mildmay in the Northern district, having waxing plants and since they have srated, the freight business from that town has increased by leaps and bounds. Blackwater too, ships 50 cars a season. Over fifty carloads from Walkerton have been shipped so far this fall, some going as far as Texas. The freight on one of these cars to Texas is $400, so that when the middleman gets his share for handling, the lowly turnip becomes a caviar of vegetables. Of course, down south they call turnips "rutabagas". A name unknown to our Oxford dictionary, and if they call it that they deserve to pay more for it. Pass up and have another helping of turnips, the vegetable with the vitamins.—Stouffville Tribune.

Stations: Blackwater, Mildmay, Stouffville, Walkerton