Thursday, March 6, 1952 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 2, col. 4

Markham farmers to gain tax relief in fire and police protection


Clerk Hoover read a letter from the Thornlea Ratepayers in which they strenuously objected to obnoxious fumes being given off by equipment situated on Bayview Road, and owned by the Beamish Construction Company. Me LeMasurier said Dr. Tanner, President of the Thornlea Ratepayers advised him that these fumes can cause lung cancer.

Councillor LeMasurier introduced a motion asking the Township Solicitor to act against anything that could be classed as a public nuisance on concession 2. This resolultion was talked out by the other members. Councillor Hooper wanted to turn the matter over to the York County Health Unit. Councillor LeMasurier contended Markham already had a report on the matter and it was up to the Council to act. Reeve Timbers felt they should first receive a report from the Health Unit before taking any action. Mr. LeMasurier will investigate the matter further and bring back a report.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Thornlea