Thursday, May 14, 1953 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 5, col. 3

King City station is all ready for rail celebration

Last week the C.N.R. got into the spirit of Centennial celebration of the first train from Toronto to Aurora, on May 16, 1953. Painters arrived to tidy the old station at King, which is the only railway station, other than Aurora, in King Township. They painted the station and the freight sheds a bridge maroon, with cream trim, and to complete the transformation, a new platform has been laid at the station and repairs have been made to the freight shed.

Arrive in King City

The old train which is coming from Toronto to Aurora for the Centennial celebration in Aurora this coming weekend, will arrive in King City on Saturday morning about 10.30 Standard Time (11.30 Daylight), and will set there for about 20 minutes. It will let the north passenger train go by, then it will follow the block of No. 41, going north at approximately 10.50. The train will arrive in Aurora before noon, and will be open to the public on Saturday afternoon from 1.30 to 8 p.m., and on Sunday, from 12.01 p.m. to 6 o'clock. As all these times are railway time, remember to add an hour for daylight time.

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