Thursday, March 18, 1954, Vol. 75, No. 38 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 1, col. 5

Gormley crossing still concern of community

Whitchurch council is still concerned about the dangerous level crossing on the C.N.R., north fo Gormley, on the road running east from Lake Wilcox. Correspondence on this subject between the township offices and the railway fills a large folder. Renewed concern is occasioned by the recent accident when a young man driving a truck for a meat packing house in Toronto was killed.

J. D. Lucas, township solicitor, was asked to go over the correspondence with a view to having something done immediately to remove this hazard. Replying Mr. Lucas quoted the recent case of the crossing at Eversley. Here the view was cleared and 40 per cent charged to the Grade Crossing Fund and the balance paid by the Toronto and York Roads Commission and the Canadian National Railway. "In the majority of cases", said the solicitor, "the order is made exactly as in the Eversley case. There may be special circumstances in connection with this crossing which would justify the township asking for a greater percentage to be paid by the railway. For example, the highway is senior to the railway, the required protection is caused by the railway cut, it is a hazard create by the railway not the highway". A meeting will be arranged between the solicitor, the clerk Jack Crawford, and the Reeve of the Township, Mr. Ivan McLaughlin, and the railway. Councillor Sid Legge told council he thought if the owners of property in the vicinity were again contacted the view could be improved. "If the tree on the north-east corner were removed a big improvement would be effected", was one opinion heard.


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