Thursday, February 8, 1968, Vol. 90, No. 32 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 1, col. 6

Get CNR tickets and information in Toronto, not at local depot

Last week "The Liberal" carried an announcement from the Canadian National Railway that the CN station agent at Richmond Hill will no longer handle tickets, reservations and information. Richmond Hill customers are now asked to call Toronto 367-4300 or an authorized CN travel agent. These are located in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Willowdale.

Only one passenger train, "The Northland" now stops at Richmond Hill station, daily at 8:45 pm on its way north. The southbound train does not make a stop here.

With toll free dialing of Toronto telephone numbers available to Richmond Hill residents, CNR officials feel the change should result in no great inconvenience to the travelling public of this area, but is just elimination of a duplication of service.

The first Richmond Hill station was built in the 1850s four and a half miles to the west, now known as the Maple station. The present depot just to the north of Centre Street East was built just after the turn of the century and since that time, until last Thursday, has been handling reservations, tickets and information, and until a decade ago, telegrams.

Express and freight will still be handled at the local station, the CNR publicity department informed "The Liberal". It also emphatically denied current rumors that this station, along with those at Maple, Aurora, Newmarket and BoltonBolton was a CPR station.

are scheduled for complete closure.

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