Thursday, June 11, 1970, Vol. 93, No. 50 The Liberal (Richmond Hill) Page 4, col. 3

Newmarket will lose more O S operations

Two buildings of the Office Specialty Co., which has been Newmarket's chief industry for many years, will be closed by the end of this year or early next year, it was announced last week. The operations now conducted in the Prospect Street office building and the factory between Timothy and Water Streets will be moved to the Holland Landing plant.

Included are the chair manufacturing line, the shipping department, the warehouse facilities and the office and administration departments. The woodworking shop will remain in the building north of Timothy Street and the firm is considering expanding it.

The expanded Holland Landing plant will allow the firm to pull all its operations on one floor and under one roof, making production less costly by saving on moving products from floor to floor and from Holland Landing to Newmarket.

The company's paper products division was moved to Brampton in 1968.

Another Newmarket industry, Argus Camera, a subsidiary of a large American company based in Chicago, has laid off approximately 20 female production line workers until the week of July 20. About 30 employees remain in the Davis Drive plant, which assembles movie and slide projectors.

All those working at the plant prior to the temporary two-month layoffs have been invited to return to work on July 20.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Office Speciality (Holland Landing), Office Speciality (Newmarket)