May 16, 1956 The Georgetown Herald Page 1, col. 4

CNR station, baker home razed by morning fire

Terra Cotta CNR station was razed by fire this morning.

The building, which also contained living quarters of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Baker and their 4-year-old son, was completely levelled within an hour after the fire was first noticed by Mrs. Freeman, who was on her way from Terra Cotta playground to pick up the mail in the village.

Most of the household goods of the family were saved by neighbours. The family cat was a casualty, asphyxiated by smoke.

Origin of the blaze is unknown. It started in the upstairs, which was unoccupied. Mr. Baker was at work at Malton and his wife and son were visiting at the home of a neighbour, Mrs. Boss. There was not fire on in the stove and the building had no electricity.

Mrs. Freeman reported the fire where she reached the store and Lloyd Kemp, Charlie McNally, Harvey Puckering and other hurried to the scene. A fire call was placed to Georgetown district, the truck was not sent. Fire Chief William Hyde relayed the call to Inglewood, believing that their department is in charge of that area, and some of the Georgetown firemen went by car to be of assistance.

A small chicken house near the building was also destroyed in the fire.

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