June 3, 1959 The Georgetown Herald Page 10, col. 4

CNR diesels mean sharp drop in water revenue

The old water tank at the CNR station is empty for the first time in thirty-six years. One of the many facilities made obsolete with the CNR's conversion from steam to diesel locomotives, the big tank was last of service to the railway that constructed it here in 1923, at midnight on Monday, April 20th when train No. 39 made the final steam enroute from Toronto to Stratford.

The water supply line to the tank was shut off when the final swing was made to diesels and since that time the numerous leaks in the rotting wooden frame have dropped the steel ball that indicates the water level to dead bottom. According to station agent John Elliott the useless reservoir will be torn down sometime in the near future.

The water contract which brought an approximate revenue of $1,650.00 yearly to the town will be cancelled effective July 1st. From $275 the average two-month water bill will plunge to $10.50 and in the near future will reach the minimum $3.00 when a two-inch line supplying the station will be reduced to one inch.

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