November 5, 1959 The Georgetown Herald Page 1

Friday morning fire levels home lower Main St.

Two fires within ten hours of each other levelled the Eighth line home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heaney, Friday morning. A converted streetcar with two rooms attached, the building was estimated at $2500.

All of the contents went up in smoke.

The first blaze which broke out at 1.15 a.m. gutted the streetcar and a recurrence at 11.25 razed 2 remaining rooms, a bedroom and kitchen. A neighbor, Mrs. Ted Darlington turned in the alarm.

Mr. and Mrs. Heaney and their four-year old daughter Katherine were uninjured. Mr. Heaney told firemen an oil space heater probably caused the blaze.

Pranksters were responsible for fires Hallowe'en night that took the firemen to Terra Cotta and Norval.

A small shed which had been used as a waiting room for CNR customers at Terra Cotta was reduced to ashes in a short-lived blaze there and the privy population was reduced by one at Norval where pranksters

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Terra Cotta