March 1913, No. 7 Seventh report of Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada for the year ending March 31, 1912 Page 110

Appendix B List of applications heard at public sittings of the Board for the year ending the 31st March 1912.

2693. Application, C.O.Ry., under Sec. 178, for authority to take lands in the Tp. of Hillier, being part of Lots 19 and 20, Con. 3, owned by John Rupert and Charles Young, respectively. (File 2177.3.)
Order made granting the application.
2684. Application, C.N.O.Ry., under Sec. 167, for approval of revised location at Smith's Falls, mile 37.87 to 40.8 from Ottawa, Ont. (File 3878.345.)
Order made granting the application.
2685. Application C.N.O.Ry., under Section 237, for authority for cross the C.P.Ry. at Smith's Falls, Ont. (File 3878.167.)
Order made granting the application.
2686. Application, G.T.Ry., under Sec. 229, for an Order directly the installation of an interlocking plant at the expense of the C.P.Ry. At the crossing a short distance west of Fergus, Ont. (File 16842.)
Order made granting the application. Plant to be installed by the 1st of August, 1911.
2690. Petition of the residents of the vicinity of Groveton, Ont., for an Order requiring C.P.R. to install a station and platform at the 9th Concession, Township of Edwardsburg, known as Ingram's Crossing, Ont. (File 16854.)
Application withdrawn.
2691. Application of C.N.O.Ry., for approval of location through the Townships of Loughborough, Storrington and Bedford, 164.26 to 180.51 from Toronto, Ont. (File 3878.354.)
Order made approving location. (Order 13757.)
2694. Application of G.B. & S.Ry. (C.P.R.), under Section 222 and 237, for authority to construct an industrial spur for the Victoria Harbour Lumber Co. in Lot 13, Concessions 5, 6, and 7, Township of Tay, at Victoria Harbour, Ont., crossing the County Road. (File 16715.)
Order made granting the application.
2699. Consideration of the matter of protection at G.T.R crossing at Sherman Ave., Hamilton, Ont.
(Note.)—Board will take up question of operation of gates at night. (File 4452.) Case 1223.
No further order necessary.
2700. Application C.N.O.Ry., under Sections 252, 256 and 257, for authority to construct overhead farm crossing south half Lot 27, Concession B, Township of Scarboro, Ont. (File 3878.356.)
Order made directing applicant company to construct an overhead farm crossing. Work to be completed within thirty days from 1st May 1911. (Order 13464.)
2701. Application C.P.R. (Lessees South Ontario and Pacific Ry.) under Section 159, for approval of location from a point in Lot 6, Concession 2, Township of Nawwagaweya, near Guelph Junction, southerly 16.18 miles to connection with T.H. & B.Ry., in Lot 28, Concession 1, Township of West Flamboro, near Hamilton , Ontario, and under Section 176 to expropriate lands of G.T.R. (File 1852.1.)
Order made approving location plans.
2702. Application G.T.Ry., under Section 178, for authority to take certain additional lands being composed of the central part of Lot No. 1035, northeast of Cardigan St., in the Canada Company's Survey, Guelph, Ont. (Adjourned hearing.) (File 15976.)
Order made adding Canada Company a party to the proceedings and directing that applicant company be authorized to take the lands, as applied for. (Order 13785.)
3094. Application, Grand Trunk Railway, for approval of proposed re-location of new station at Bradford, Ont., and for approval of opening of new public street or road giving access to swamp and marsh lands lying to north-east of its railway. (File 17664.)
Order made approving of the proposed re-location of the tracks and the location of the company's new station. The company to construct a road and crossing, as provided for in agreement between the parties in 1866. The work to be completed by the 1st of August, 1912. (See Order No. 15145.)