Thursday, October 31, 1935 The Stouffville Tribune Page 1, col. 3

Is old-time water tank due to disappear

An electrical pumping system which delivers water direct from a river into the tanks of locomotives without the familiar water tank structure by the side of the right-of-way is described by P. D. Fitzpatrick, Chief Engineer of the Grand Trunk Western Railway in the current issue of the Canadian National Railways Magazine. The new installation, made at Holly, Mich., has obviated the need of the water tank which is replaced by a spout. The fireman, when the engine is spotted at the standpipe, presses a switch which sets an electric pump in motion by which means the locomotive tank is filled with water pumped direct from the Shiawassoc River.

It may be something of this nature that the C.N.R. intend to install at Stouffville as the company has served notice on the corporation to end the purchase of water here. For 25 years the town system supplied water for railway engines, receiving for the service $800 per year. Last year a new agreement was entered into whereby the rate was set at $500, the contract void by either party giving six months notice. This notice has been received and the present contract will expire at the end of this year. Some officials of the company believe they can do without taking water at Stouffville, as only the occasional engine fills here now. Larger engines with greater water storage capacity may it easy to run from Toronto to Blackwater under normal conditions without taking on water.

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