Tuesday, March 12, 1935 The Daily Sentinel Review (Woodstock)

Will confer on railway line

The members of the railways committee of the city council, with representatives of the Woodstock board of trade, will confer tomorrow with D.G. Kilburn, divisional engineer, and J.L. Beourgeault [sic], inspector of operations, representing the Dominion railway board, on the proposal to abandon the 9.2 mile stretch of the Canadian National Railway between Woodstock and Burgessville.

Mr. Kilburn and Mr. Bourgeault [sic] were to discuss the matter at a meeting in Burgessville today with representatives of Norwich village and of North Norwich and East Oxford townships.

The place and the time of tomorrow's meeting have not been decided upon as yet, but a meeting of the railways committee has been called for this evening by Ald. Harper, the chairman, at which arrangements will be made, and at which a concrete proposal will be agreed upon.

At the time the announcement of the proposed abandonment of the line was made, the attention of Hon. D[onald]. M[atheson]. Sutherland [MP, Conservative, North Oxford] was drawn to the matter, but his reply was that the question was one for the railway board to settle.

Railways: C.N.Rys.