Saturday, January 24, 1852 The Globe (Toronto) Page 3, col. 5

Great Western Railway.

Tenders for Castings.

The Subscribers will receive Tenders up to Saturday the 24th inst., for forty tons of car wheels, axletrees and pedestals. Plans and specifications can be seen upon application.

Specifications for car wheels, axletrees, & pedestals

The wheels and pedestals to be case according to the instructions of the Subscribers. The axletrees to be 2-1/2 inches diameter, round iron, to turned and be properly fitted and keyed to Wheels, to the satisfaction of the undersigned. Ten tons to be delivered per Month until the Contract is fulfilled—five tons being delivered at Paris, and five tons at Galt. Payments to be made Monthly, ten per Cent, being retained until the whole Forty Tons are delivered, the whole payments being made within ten days after the contract is compel ted.

John Fowler, Galt.
Josh Morrell, Paris.

Galt Branch Railroad.
Contractor's Office. January 1, 1852.


The Letting of the above Contract is postponed until the first of April next, on account of the iron for the Axletrees not being in the Province.

Josh Morrell, Paris.

Galt Branch Railroad.
Contractor's Office. Jan. 24th, 1852.

Appears through Saturday, April 3, 1852.

Railways: G.W.Ry.