Friday, June 9, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 20 The Newmarket Era Page 6, col. 4

The Schomberg railway.

As the route of the proposed Schomberg Railway is not definitely decided upon, and many rumors are current as to the route that would be the most advantageous both to the Company and to the people of Schomberg and King generally, I would suggest that an Electric Road from Schomberg through Pottageville and Kettleby to Mulock's Corner would be the most beneficial to all parties concerned.

It would be the shortest line.

It would be the cheapest built.

It would be the most easily made by going around the hills where land is cheap. It is said there is a valley from Yonge Street almost to Kettleby.

By connecting that way, the entire trade of Schomberg and all the west part of King, with Newmarket and Aurora as well as the Toronto trade, would be secured to the Company by a shorter line or railway and be of greater advantage to the people generally.

By running a line from Schomberg to Bond's Lake we are connecting with Toronto alone by a longer line, which would be unprofitable to the Company and but a slight advantage to the people. Snow falls deeper through the Ridges than either North or South of them, hence it would cost more to keep the track clean and as there are no unsurmountable engineering difficulties in the way of the line that I speak of, I would deem that route with its many advantages worthy of earnest consideration.

Yours truly,

Kettleby, June 5th, 1899.

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