March 1903, No. 61 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 88, col. 3

Grand Trunk Ry. betterments, etc.


Montréal shops.—Recent press reports stated that concurrently with the enlargement of the repair shops at Stratford, Ont., the shops at Point St. Charles would be enlarged and devoted entirely to building locomotives. In connection with the report the residents of Laprairie, Que., offered the Co. a free site for the erection of locomotive shops, if new ones were to be laid out. No official announcement has been made in reference to any proposed enlargement of the shops at Montréal, but the Assistant to the 2nd Vice President, in an interview, stated that Montréal would always remain the location of the principal shops of the Co. The successful carrying out of the projected G.T. Pacific Ry. will probably have an important bearing on the matter.

Railways: G.T.P.Ry., G.T.Ry.