December 1901, No. 46 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 359, col. 1

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Tilsonburg, Lake Erie and Pacific Ry.—Recent press reports stated that J. Charlton, M.P., was promoting a railway from Port Rowan to Collingwood, and that active building operations had been commenced at the southern termination. The report evidently refers to the T.L.E. and P.R. Co., of which Mr. Charlton is President, which has its line in operation from Port Burwell to Tilsonburg, Ont., 20 miles, and has about completed an extension from Tilsonburg to Ingersoll, 15 miles. This 35 miles of track will give the T.L.E. and P.R. connection with the four trunk lines of Ontario, and the Co. expects to be in a position to command the coal trade of central Western Ontario, and also to supply the C.P.R., the G.T.R., the Michigan Central Ry. and the Wabash Rd. within the same area. At Port Burwell the harbor is approaching completion, and will be the equal of any on Lake Erie, having 18 ft. of water, and a turning basin 360 ft. in diameter, 1,700 ft. inside the ends of the piers. The Co. proposed to establish a coal ferry to one of the U.S. coal ports, either Erie, 46 miles, the nearest, of Fairport, 57 miles, the furthest; with Conneaut, or Ashtabula, lying between them. As to any extension of the line northerly everything is pure speculation. There has been some talk of an extension from Ingersoll to Stratford and thence to Collingwood, but there is as yet nothing tangible in the scheme.

Grading was completed early in Nov., and a contract was given to Dart and Hamilton for the tracklaying and ballasting of the extension to Ingersoll. The tracklaying will include 4 miles of siding. It was expected to have this work completed before the end of the season. (Sept., pg. 275.)

At a recent meeting of the Railway Committee of the Privy Council at Ottawa it was agreed between the parties interested that the T.L.E. and P. Ry. should cross the G.T.R. line near the station of the former Co. in Tilsonburg, at right angles, on level crossing, and without grade, and that the former should run its line parallel to that of the Great Western and across the Canada Southern Ry. by an independent subway.

Railways: C.P.Ry., C.S.Ry., G.T.Ry., M.C.Rd., T.L.E. & P.Ry., Wab.Rd.

Stations: Tillsonburg