Friday, December 20, 1872 The Daily Globe (Toronto) Page 2, col. 4

Notes and comments.

A recent telegram respecting the general meeting of the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway Company at Woodstock, did not give a complete report of the proceedings. In addition to the election of directors, Mr. Gilbert Moore, of Norwich, was chosen President; Mr. Henry Parker, Warden of Oxford, Vice-President; Mr. R. W. Sawtell, Secretary; and Mr. James McCulloh, Mayor of Stratford, Solicitor. The directors are Messrs. James Alford, Stratford; S. S. Fuller, Stratford; Thomas J. Clarke, Woodstock; James Bullock, Otterville; Dr. N. O. Walker, Port Dover. The proposed line will pass through a fine agricultural country, and will be able to form some advantageous connections. It stretches from Port Dover to Stratford, a distance of sixty miles, where it connects with the Grand Trunk, and with the branch to Lake Huron. It is also intended to connect with the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway at Listowell. The line from Port Dover to Woodstock was graded some years ago, and will now need only a few repairs and from Woodstock to Stratford it passes through comparatively level country. The promoters have received liberal assistance from the municipalities interested, and anticipate aid from the Government. It is claimed that the road would afford excellent facilities for coal from Erie, Pa.; and the section south of Woodstock could be used by the Credit Valley Railway in forming a connection with the Canada Southern.

Railways: Pt.D. & L.H.Ry., W.G. & B.Ry.