Wednesday, February 6, 1878 The Globe (Toronto) Page 4, col. 6

City news.


The breastworks on the Esplanade.—Reference has often been made to the dilapidated condition of the breastworks on the Esplanade. In a letter read to the Council on Monday night from Mr. Bell, solicitor for the Grand Trunk Railway, appears the following:—I have been directed by the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada to call the attention of the city authorities to the present state of the crib-work in front of the Esplanade. In many places, particularly west of Simcoe-street, the railway tracks are in danger, the whole front being in a rotten state. I beg respectfully to ask that immediate steps be taken to do away with the present state of things. It is to be hoped that something will be done with regard to the matter before trouble arises. It is said tat the part of the Esplanade referred to by the Grand Trunk Railway is leased to the Credit Valley Railway. The portion, however, opposite the Union Station is just as dilapidated almost as the portion west of Simcoe-street. The Property Committee will, it is expected, move in the matter at once.

Railways: C.Vy.Ry., G.T.Ry.