March 1903, No. 61 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 89, col. 2

Grand Trunk Ry. betterments, etc.


G.T. Pacific Ry.—According to the original notice respecting the application to the Dominion Parliament for an act of incorporation the main line was to be carried to the north of Winnipeg, and a branch was to be constructed into that city. It has since been decided to locate the main line "through or near" Winnipeg, thence westerly and northwesterly through Manitoba and Assiniboia a point near Prince Albert, Sask.

Apart from the change in the location of the projected line referred to in this notice, nothing has been done, although there has been and is a great deal of newspaper conjecture as to what the intentions of the G.T.R. and those associated with it are. It is suggested in one quarter that the Teimiskaming and Northern Ontario Ry. will be acquired from the Ontario Government, and that the Ontario section of the line will be constructed through the great clay belt of the province, north of the height of land, so opening up an entirely new country, and preventing the duplication of the C.P.R. round the north shore of Lake Superior, which could be an expensive and unremunerative piece of line. Another project outlined is the provision of an entirely new port on the Gulf of St. Lawrence for the G.T.R. and the new line, the suggestion being that the G.T.R. will purchase the Québec Bridge Co.'s undertaking, the charter of the Québec and New Brunswick Ry., no under construction from Lévis to Connors, on the New Brunswick boundary; the Québec and Oriental Ry. Co., which is applying for a Québec charter to construct a railway from Connors to Metapedia, on the Intercolonial Ry.; and the Atlantic and Lake Superior Ry., no in operation from Metapedia to New Carlisle, Que. The latter line has power to extend to Gaspe Basin, but at New Carlisle there is said to be open water sufficient to float the largest Atlantic liners for 10 months in the year, the harbor being closed by ice and Feb. and March in each year. A third and the most recent report was to the effect that the G.T.R. had abandoned the project for an extension to the Pacific. In reference to this statement C. M. Hays is reported to have said: "The rumor is simply ridiculous. There is no truth in it at all. The position in so far as the G.T.R. is concerned is unchanged, and until the necessary legislation is obtained there is nothing else to be said." J. R. Stephens has been appointed Assistant Chief Engineer of the G.T.R., with direct charge of surveys and preliminary work on new lines.

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