May 1, 1896 The Street Railway Journal (New York) Page 292, col. 1

Freight, mail, express and baggage service.


The Galt (Ont.), Preston & Hespeler Electric Railway Company does a general freight buisness over a roadbed nine miles in length capable of carrying the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's freight cars, the transfer of which by a Baldwin light locomotive and an electric motor car is an important source of revenue. The road has sidings into a number of factors and foundries on the way and carries coal, pig iron, wheat, wool and manufactured goods. The locomotive is run at night only. Its own freight equipment consists of two special combination cars. During the last half of 1895 the company carried 5000 tons of freight and a large quantity of express and baggage. It considers this work profitable to the extent of fifteen to twenty per cent. Mails are not carried as yet, but the company is in negotiation with the Dominion Government and thinks a mail service would be profitable.

Railways: C.P.Ry., G.P. & H.St.Ry.