May 1897 The Daily Mail and Empire (Toronto) Page 6, col. 5

C.P.R.'s new service.

The first train run to Buffalo yesterday.

Material cut in the time between New York and Toronto—Connections made with the Vanderbilt lines at Buffalo.

The first train over the new connection which the Canadian Pacific railway has secured between Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo left the Union station at eight o'clock yesterday morning. Under the new arrangement the Canadian Pacific has not for the first time a direct connection from Toronto with the New York Central into New York. The completion of the spur line between Hamilton Junction and Hamilton has now enabled the Canadian Pacific to utilize the route which for several years it has been negotiating to obtain, and, as is known, the line has obtained from the Grand Trunk running powers over its road between Toronto and Hamilton for a period of fifty years, and has made working arrangements over the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo railway from Hamilton Welland for a like period. Leaving Welland, the route into Buffalo is over the Michigan Central. The new time-table went into force yesterday, and the service will now be continued, subject, probably, to some slight changes in the running time of the trains.

The first train, which left yesterday, consisted of two Canadian Pacific railway Pullmans, five first-class cars, and three baggage coaches. The members of the Geisha company, and some of the Madison Square Opera troupe, several performed who appears at the Bijou theatre last week, and the Toronto and Buffalo baseball teams were on the train. Quite a part of railroad men went through to Buffalo on the initial trip. Messrs. J. W. Leonard, general superintendent; C. E. McPherson, assistant general passenger, of Toronto, went as far as Hamilton. Messsrs. C. E. E. Ussher, assistant general passenger agent at Montréal; E. Tiffin, district freight agent; D. MacTier, general baggage agent; J. Roberts, commercial agent of the of the Canadian Pacific railway at Buffalo, went through the party; as did J. J. McCarthy, agent of the New York Central and West Shore; Messrs. J. P. Morford, superintendent of the Canadian division of the Michigan Central and Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo roads; J. P. Laven, general passenger agent of the Michigan Central; W. N. Warburton, general agent of the T. H. and B. joined the party at Hamilton.

The trip

The run from Toronto to Hamilton was made on schedule time in an hour and two minutes. An enormous crowd awaited the arrival of the first train over the new route at Hamilton, where the train crew was changed, the Michigan Central then making charge. The run over the T. H. and B. was then made to Welland. Here the Michigan Central line was taken and the run made to Buffalo. The route was by Niagara Falls, and a stop was made at Falls View, exactly opposite the Horseshoe falls. A splendid view of the falls were obtained by the passengers.

Hospitably received.

At Buffalo the party was met by Mr. W. H. Underwood, general eastern passenger agent of the Michigan Central. During the afternoon the party were given a drive about the city, and a visit was made to the many places of interest. The train was boarded for the return trip at ten minutes to four, and at twenty-five minutes past eight the party was in Toronto.

The general excellency of the service, the miles of picturesque scenery through which the line runs, the splendid view of the falls obtained, and, above all, the shortness of the time and the direct connection with the lines running into New York, deservedly received the highest praise from the passengers. The Canadian Pacific's enterprising policy in providing this short route to New York will probably be taken the fullest advantage of.

New York connections.

After reaching Welland by the new service, there are two routes by which the line runs into Buffalo. One i by the Falls, crossing the cantilever bridge (the route taken by the train yesterday); the other, from Welland to Erie, crossing the International bridge. The service will consist of four trains daily to Hamilton and Buffalo, the two additional local trains to Hamilton. By the new arrangement the trip from Toronto to New York is shortened by about three hours through the connection made at Buffalo with the Empire State express. While the New York Central will be the principal connection of the Canadian Pacific line, the latter road will also make connections with the principal lines from Buffalo to New York.

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