January 1905, No. 83 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 11, col. 3

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.

The Atlantic, Québec and Western Ry. Co. will apply at next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act extending for a year the period within which it has to construct 10 miles of its projected line from Gaspe towards Causapscal, Que., and 10 miles from Pasbepiac towards Gaspe, Que. It also seeks the repeal of railway shall be commenced and constructed concurrently. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

Beersville Coal and Ry. Co.—E. V. Johnson, an inspecting engineer of the Department of Railways, went over the line Dec. 3, in company with Dr. M. F. Keith, the manager. (Nov. 1904, pg. 405.)

Bessemer and Barry's Bay Ry.—The line projected by this company will extend from L'Amable station, on the Central Ontario Ry., to Barry's Bay, on the Canada Atlantic Ry., about 30; miles. The route will be through the Mineral Range Iron Co.'s mines and lands, McArthur's mill, Fort Stewart, Craigmount and Combermere to Barry's Bay, through the townships of Mayo, Carlow, Raglan, Radcliffe and Sherwood, in Hastings and Renfrew counties. The lime will be built for general traffic, as well as for the development of the mineral lands through which it will pass. A certain amount of work of a preliminary nature has been done, and we are advised that construction work will be taken up again in the spring, and pushed vigorously to completion. The B. and B.B. Ry. is promoted by the Mineral Range Iron Mineral Co. (Ltd.), which has its head offices in Windsor, Ont. The chief officers of the company are: President, E. W. Voigt; Treasurer and General Manager, H. C. Farnum; Secretary, H. L. Bingham, who are located at Detroit, Mich. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

Bracebridge and Trading Lake Ry.—A meeting of shareholders was called for Dec. 20, for the purpose of ratifying an agreement as to the transfer of stock and assets to F. C. Norris, and other business in connection therewith. (Nov., 1904, Pg. 405.)

Brantford and Lake Erie Electric Ry.—A by-law was passed by the Brantford, Ont., township, Dec. 8, granting the company a franchise over the roads in the township. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

British Columbia Electric Ry.—The contract for the construction of the additions to the buildings at the corner of Carroll and Hastings streets has been let to Crowe and Wilson. The lines in Vancouver and New Westminster, B.C., and the entire lighting system of the two cities are now being operated by power developed from the plant of the Vancouver Power Co., which is constructing a large plant at Coquitlam Lake and Trout Lake. The complete power system is expected to be in operation in the spring. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

Calgary, Red Deer and Battleford Ry.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act incorporating a company to construct a railway from Calgary, Alta., to Battleford, Sask., McGiverin and Heydon, Ottawa, are solicitors for the promoters.

Canada and Michigan Bridge and Tunnel Co.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for the passing of an Act extending the time for the commencement and completion of the works authorized, viz., a railway bridge and tunnel, or either of them, over or under the Detroit river, to connect railway lines in Michigan and Canada. The company is one of the promotions of the Michigan Central Rd., which practically owns the Canadian Southern Ry., whose lines would be connected by the construction of such a bridge or tunnel.

Canada Atlantic Ry.—The Mayor of Ottawa recently had an interview with C. M. Hays, 2nd Vice-President, and General Manager G.T.R., respecting the building of the central station at Ottawa. Mr. Hays stated that as soon as the C.A.R. was taken over by the G.T.R., he would discuss the whole situation about the station, and had no doubt that a satisfactory arrangement would be reached. (July, 1904, pg. 231.)

Canada-Middlesex Ry.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for the incorporation of a company with this title to construct a line from the Niagara River to London, Ont., with power to acquire other railways. Chrysler and Bethune, Ottawa, Ont., are acting for the promoters. A Brantford, Ont., press report states that the line is being promoted in the interests of the Pere Marquette Rd.

Canada Southern Bridge Co.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act extending the time for the completion of its undertaking.

Canada Southern Ry.—At its next session the Dominion Parliament will be asked to pass an act extending the time for the completion of the unconstructed lines or branches authorized by this company's several acts, and also giving power to lend its credit to, and guarantee the securities of companies with whose works its railway connects.

The Cape Breton Coal, Iron and Ry. Co. has purchased two water front properties at Sydney, N.S., for the purpose of constructing a shipping pier there. The company's railway from Cochrane's Lake, six miles from Sydney, is under construction. A press report states that Sir C. Rivers Wilson, President G.T.R., has purchased a large, if not the controlling, interest in the company. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

Central Counties Ry.—The Dominion Parliament will be asked next session for an act amending the act incorporating this company, and authorizing the construction of a bridge with the necessary connections and from a point on the line which the company is authorized to construct near Point Fortune, on the south side of the Ottawa River, to near Carillon, Que., on the north side of the river; and a railway thence to Montréal; also for an extension of time for the construction of its lines; an increase of its powers in respect of uncompleted portions of its line, and power to amalgamate with other railway companies. The C.C. Ry. extends from Glen Robertson on the Canada Atlantic Ry. to Hawkesbury, Ont., 21 miles, and from South Indian, on the C.A. Ry., to Rockland, Ont., 16 miles, which lines are leased to the Canada Atlantic Ry.

Chateauguay and Northern Ry.—During the past year the line from Montréal to Joliette, Que., 36 miles, has been re-ballasted, and branch from L'Epiphanie to St. Jacques L'Achigan, Que., a distance of eight miles, has been partially constructed. In Montréal the terminal buildings on St. Catharine St. have been considerably improved and a new turntable and roundhouse erected. (See also Canadian Northern Ry., pg. 27.)

Crow's Nest Southern Ry.—The annual statement of construction of the Great Northern Ry. (U.S.) for the year ended June 30, 1904, recently issued, states that an extension from Swinton to the Coal Creek mines, at Fernie, B.C., had been completed, and that an extension from Fernie to Michel would probably be undertaken shortly. (Dec., 1904, pg. 421.)

Detroit River bridge.—The question of and Detroit river between Ontario and Michigan , at or near Windsor, Ont., has discussed by C. M. Hays, 2nd 2nd Vice-President and General Manager G.T.R., and the authorities of the Michigan Central Rd., but nothing has been announced as to any decision being reached. (June, 1904, pg. 183.)

Fraser River Tramway.—The Langley, B.C. town council has passed a by-law granting the Chilliwack Power and Light Co. an exclusive franchise for 20 years for tramway construction within the bounds of the municipality. The company must build its ownbridges, and expend $50,000 on construction within two years. A by-law has been passed in Chilliwack giving a franchise there.

Georgian Bay and Seaboard Ry.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for the passing of an act authorizing the construction of a railway from Georgian Bay, between Point Severn and Penetanguishene, south-easterly through the counties of Simcoe, Ontario, Victoria, Peterboro, Hastings, Lennox, and Addington, Frontenac and Lanark, or any of them, to a junction with the Ontario and Québec Ry., between Cavanville and Maberly, Ont., with power to construct branch lines, etc. A. T. Thompson, solicitor, Cayuga, Ont., is acting for the applicants.

The G.T. Pacific Ry. has filed plans with the Department of Railways showing the lands which it proposes to acquire by expropriation, for terminal purposes, on the Pacific coast, and on Lake Superior at Port Arthur and Fort William. The plans filed for the Pacific coast terminus, the Globe's Ottawa correspondent says, will enable the Government to make a choice between Kaien Island and Port Simpson. Kaien Island is at the entrance of Tuck's Inlet, and forms a part of the Tsimpian Indian Reserve, and contains altogether about 50,000 acres. It is situated equidistant from Port Simpson and the Skeena River, and Tuck's Inlet is an arm of the sea larger than Burrard's Inlet. Port Simpson is situated 14 miles north from Kaien Island. C. M. Hays, when interviewed in regard to the matter, said that the filing of the plans did not signify that any decision had been reached in regard to the terminal. It was necessary, to set before the Government the land that would be necessary at any probable terminus, so that when a decision was made by the company the consent of the Government would be already anticipated.

The plans filed for the terminals on Lake Superior show a line running into Fort William and another into Port Arthur, the one to the west of the C.P.R. terminals, and the other east of the Canadian Northern Ry. terminals. The property on the lake front south of the Kaministiquia River, known as the Mission, is asked for at Fort William; and in Port Arthur an area of 548 acres lying between the C.P.R. and the lake front from Stephen St. eastward for 10,000 ft. It includes property within the municipal bounds of Port Arthur, and runs into the adjoining township. Most of the land at Port Arthur is private property, and the expropriation proceedings will come before the Railway Commissioners.

Grand Valley Ry. (Electric).—The extension of the line from Paris to Galt, Ont., which has been under construction during the year, has been completed, and has been placed in operation. The line, which now extends from Brantford to Galt, via Paris and St. George, is about 20 miles long; the newly completed portion is about 13 miles. The line was constructed by the Von Echa Co., Woodstock, Ont., which also constructed the Woodstock, Thames Valley and Ingersoll Ry. (Electric), and took over the Brantford Street Ry. The company has been operating the line from Brantford to Paris on Sundays as well as week days, and started to do the same over the extension. Application has been made at the instance of a number of residents in Galt for an injunction to prevent running of cars on Sundays within the limits of the city. (Dec., 1904, Pg. 421.)

Great Northern Ry. of Canada.—See Canadian Northern Ry., pg. 27.

Hamilton, Ancaster and Brantford Ry. (Electric).—A by-law has been passed by the Brantford, Ont., township council granting a franchise for the construction of an electric railway through the township. C. D. Haines, a U.S. contractor and promoter of electric railways, who appeared before the council in respect of the matter, stated that it was expected to have the line completed between Brantford and Hamilton by July. (Dec., 1904, pg. 425.)

Hamilton Radial Ry.—The extension of this line from its present terminus near Burlington to Oakville, Ont.,will be constructed on an acquired right of way, adjoining and parallel to the road allowance between the 3rd and 4th concessions south of Dundas St. to the township of Nelson to lot 21 in the township of Trafalgar. At this point the line leaves thfe parallel course with the roadway, and passes through private property to the southerly limit of Oakville, thence along Rebecca and Randal streets to the northerly limits of the town, where connection will be made with the extension of the Toronto and Mimico Ry. The distance from the present terminus to Oakville is 10 miles. The route described is the most direct, running through the centre of Oakville. The alignment and gradients have been established with a view to advantageously meet the requirements of a fast electric passenger service. The sharpest curve bas a radius of 1,146 ft. and the ruling gradient is 1%, aggregating about 5% of the length of line. The road bed will be constructed to standard widths, for double track, the grading will be light, and there will be no heavy cuttings. All streams having openings from 12 to 50 ft. will be provided with steel beams and girders, deck spans on concrete abutments. The crossings of the Twelve Mile Creek, at Bronte, and Sixteen Mile Creek, Oakville, will be steel trestles, of braced towers carrying alternate girder spans with a trussed span over the creeks, and the sub-structures will be of concrete upon pile foundations. The dimensions of the bridges, in the order given, will be 377 ft. long and 45 ft. above high water level of Lake Ontario and 634 1/2 ft. and 41 ft. respectively. The piling for these bridges has been completed, but the concrete work will be deferred until spring. All abutments and substructures will be built for double track, but steel superstructure for a single track only will be erected at first. This remark also applies to track construction generally, which the company purposes doing itself. The contract for grading, clearing, fencing, foundations and concrete work has been awarded to F. Dickenson, Hamilton. A contract has also been awarded for the bridge superstructures. It is the intention of the company to vigorously push on construction as early in the spring as possible for completion by July. T. E. Hillman, Hamilton, is the engineer. (Sept., 1904, pg. 313.)

Intercolonial Ry.—Tenders are under consideration for the repairs of about 700 ft. of cribwork between Lévis and Point Lévis, Que.

The contract for the erection of a roundhouse at Truro, N.S., bas been let to Rhodes,Curry & Co., Amherst, N.S.

The double track work between Windsor Jct. and Bedford, N.S., about five miles, was expected to be completed by the end of Dec. (Dec., 1904, pg. 426.)

International Ry. of New Brunswick.—Construction proceeded during the past summer and fall on this line from near Campbellton, N.B., to the St. John River. The section of 20 miles to Upsalquitch River was expected to be completed by Dec. 31. The concrete piers for the bridge across the Upsalquitch River have been completed, and the Dominion Bridge Co. expected to have the superstructure finished by the end of Dec. The bridge is 225 ft. long. Clearing and grading work has been started on the third 10 miles. T. Malcolm is the contractor. (Mar., 1904, pg. 77.)

Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Ry.—See Canadian Northern Ry., pg. 27.

James Bay Ry.—Mayor Johnson of Parry Sound, Ont., stated recently in Toronto that work was being rapidly pushed on the Parry Sound-Toronto line, and that there were on the Parry Sound—Washago section about 2,000 men engaged (Dec., 1904, pg. 428.)

See also Canadian Northern Ry., pg. 27.


Muskoka.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act incorporating a company to construct a railway from the James Bay Ry., or the C.P.R., of both, in the township of Wood, to the Lake of Bays, either in Maclean or Ridout township, Muskoka district, Ont. F. Hornsby, Gravenhurst, Ont., is solicitor for the promoters.


St. Marys and Western Ontario Ry.—The Dominion Parliament will be asked next session for the incorporation of a company with this title to construct a railway from the C.P.R. between Woodstock and London, Ont., northerly to St. Marys, thence to Lake Huron or to the St. Clair River between Grand Bend and Sarnia. J. W. Graham, St. Marys, Ont., and L. H. Dickson, Exeter, Ont., are the solicitors for the promoters.

Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Ry.—Tracklaying has been completed to Tomstown, about 14 miles beyond New Liskeard, Ont., and grading has been completed for nearly 60 miles further. On the line between North Bay and New Liskeard, 112 miles, the finishing touches are being given, and contracts have been let for the station buildings at Haileybury and New Liskeard. (Dec., 1904, pg. 431.)

Toronto and Hamilton Ry. (Electric).—Saltfleet township council has passed a by-law granting right-of-way 25 ft. wide adjoining the G.T.R. right-of-way, on the lake side, through the township. (Sept., 1904, pg. 317.)

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry.—The new shops, which are being erected at Hamilton to replace those burned in Oct., 1904, will be 206 by 36 ft. They will be of wood construction, the sides being sheeted and covered with corrugated iron, and the roof covered with a patent roofing. The building will be utilized as a car repair shop and blacksmith shop. (Dec., 1904, pg. 431.)

Toronto union station.—The matter of the expropriation of the lands south of Front St., in the burned-out district of Toronto, by the G.T.R., as a site for a new union station, has been before the Railway Commissioners on several occasions, and a special sitting of the Commissioners was arranged to be held in Toronto on Dec. 22, to give further consideration to the matter. The G.T.R. desired to have the matter adjourned until Feb., in order to endeavor to complete negotiations with interested parties but objection was taken to this course by leaseholders and others. Press reports stated that the C.P.R. and the G.T.R. had asked several Toronto architects to prepare plans for the new station. Enquiry among the architects failed to gather that any of them had been furnished with any data on which to prepare plans, and one of the principal officials of the G.T.R. told a Toronto architect, who asked for information on the subject that the matter had not been sufficiently advanced to permit of plans being asked for. (Dec., 1904, pg. 431.)

Vancouver and Coast Kootenay Ry.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act extending the time for the commencement and completion of the company's projected railway from Vancouver, B.C., eastward through the Kootenay district. (Jan., 1904, pg. 10.)

Vancouver and Northern British Columbia Ry.—Application will be made next session of the Dominion Parliament for an act incorporating a company to construct a railway from Vancouver, westerly and northerly via the Squamish Valley and Pemberton Meadows, to the northern boundary of British Columbia, with a branch line to Barkerville. H. J. Duncan, Vancouver, is solicitor for the promoters.

Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Ry. and Navigation Co.—The line from Grand Forks to Phoenix, B.C., is 22 miles long, and was expected to be completed by Dec. 31, as also was a branch line from Grand Forks to the Granby smelter, about 5 miles long. Under the charter of the Washington and Great Northern Ry. there has been constructed a piece of line 14 miles long, extending from Curlew to Midway, Wash., which is to form a section of the V.V. and E.Ry. (Dec., 1904, pg. 431.)


Yonge Street bridge.—The C.P.R. is taking steps to test the legality of the order to compel the erection of a bridge over the tracks at the foot of Yonge street, Toronto, and from all appearances there is considerable confusion as to the present position of affairs. The matter originally came before the Railway Committee of the Privy Council, which decided that the bridge was necessary, but had not issued the order when it was abolished and its duties taken over by the Board of Railway Commissioners; then there was a special act of parliament declaring the bridge matter to be one vested in the Governor-in-Council. An order was made directing the erection of the bridge, work to be commenced Oct. 15, but it was not issued until after that date. Nothing is likely to he done until the tangle is straightened out.

The plans for the bridge which the G.T.R. and the C.P.R. have been directed to build across the tracks at the foot of Yonge street, Toronto, were prepared in the office of the City Engineer, by J. Williams, M.C.S.C.E., assistant City Engineer. The illustrations of the bridge, given on page 9, show the three central spans over the tracks, the north and the southern approaches, together with a cross section near the centre. The total length of the bridge and approaches will be 880 ft., of which the steel work will be 595 ft. long and the masonry work of the approaches 285 ft. The bridge will be 56 ft. wide over all, having a roadway 38 ft. in width, and two sidewalks each 9 ft. wide on the approaches and deck spans, and 6 1/2 ft. wide on the through spans. It will be composite in character, consisting of three deck spans about 140 ft. on the northern approach, three through spans 92 1/2, 125 and 82 1/2 ft. respectively, over the tracks and sidings of the railways, and three deck spans, about 150 ft., on the southern approach. The clear height of the centre span is 21 1/2 ft., while at the side spans of the through spans it is slightly lower. The northern approach is planned to start from the south side of Front street, and is carried on concrete masonry walls for about 150 ft. It has a gradient of 3 1/3%, while the gradient at the end of the southern approach at Lake street, also carried on concrete walls for 140 ft., is 6%, the centre span being level. For foot passengers who wish to pass from the bridge to Harbor Street, an 8 ft. stairway has been planned on the west side of the bridge. The superstructure will be supported on steel columns, on concrete piers resting on piles. It is proposed to make the bridge deck of a permanent character, the roadway and sidewalks to have asphalt surface, and asphalt and wooden blocks on a concrete foundation; the pavement between the street railway tracks to be square cut wood blocks, also on a foundation of concrete. The whole of the concrete foundation and asphalt and -block surface is to be supported by steel buckled plates, riveted to floor girders and stringers.

In connection with the erection of this bridge it would be necessary to secure some small pieces of land on the east side of Yonge Street, south of Front, and to make some alterations and improvements on Lake Street. Among the suggested improvements are the filling in of the present basins around the foot of Yonge Street, and the building of new wharves several hundred feet further out into the bay, so that another street could be formed running west to York Street. In this way traffic coming over the bridge would be brought to the wharf level by an easy gradient. (Dec., 1904, pg. 431.)

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