May 1912, No. 171 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 251, col. 3

Electric railway projects, construction, betterments, etc.


Lake Erie and Northern Ry.—The Dominion Parliament has voted a subsidy up to $6,400 a mile, upon the usual terms and conditions for the building of a line from Galt to Port Dover, not exceeding 58 miles, and from Paris to Ayr, 10 miles.

The approved route of the line is west of the G.T.R. out of Port Dover, crossing to the east side, just south of Simcoe, and across the G.T.R.-Wabash line, and then making straight for Brantford, passing through Bloomsburg, Waterford, Boston, and Mount Pleasant. The terminal station in Brantford will be on the old G.T.R. station site, Colborne St. There will be a maximum gradient on this section of the line of 1%. The route from Brantford to Galt will pass through Paris, Blue Lake and Glenmorris, and the branch to Ayr will start from Paris. On this section the maximum gradient will be 0.5%. The track will be laid with 80 lb. steel, and the overhead wires, carrying 11,000 volts, will be strung on steel bridges instead of poles. Substations will be built at Simcoe and Waterford, the main station being at Brantford. There will be four heavy bridges on the line, one 475 ft. across the Michigan Central Rd., and the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Ry. at Waterford; a 1,200 ft. trestle at Mount Pleasant, and bridges over the Grand River at Brantford and Paris.

The location plans for the line from Port Dover to Brantford have been approved, and the location surveys north of Brantford are reported to be nearly completed. (Mar., pg. 148.)

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