January 1908, No. 119 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 47, col. 1

Electric railways.

Projects, construction and betterments.


Grand Valley Ry.—The final survey of the projected electric railway between Brantford and Woodstock, Ont., is reported to have been completed. The route is by way of Burford, Cathcart and Eastwood. This would connect up the company's lines in Brantford city, and the Brantford-Paris-Galt line with its Woodstock, Thames Valley and Ingersoll Ry. The company was recently reported to have been negotiating with the Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Commission for the supply of about 3,000 h.p. for use on its lines. The General Manager of the company stated subsequently that prior to the change of control one of the officials applied for information as to price, etc., of power, but no one was applying on behalf of the company as at present constituted. (Nov., 1907, pg. 841.)

Railways: G.V.Ry., W.T.V. & I.E.Ry.