January 1907, No. 107 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 31, col. 2

Canadian Northern Railway construction.

Canadian Northern Québec Ry.—The grading upon the cut-off from near Garneau Jct. has been finished to the crossing, of the Batiscan River at St. Stanislas, Que., 12 miles. From this point to the crossing of the Charest River, 8 miles, the grading was expected to be finished at the end of Dec, with the exception of a few small cuttings. About half the grading has been completed on the section between the Charest River and the crossing of Ste. Anne River, at St. Casimer, 6 miles. Work is to be carried on continuously during the winter, unless the weather becomes too severe. Between the points mentioned there is considerable bridge work to be done, the substructures at the Ste. Anne and Batiscan Rivers are well under way.

We have since been advised that tracklaying has been started on the line from Garneau Jet., on the old Great Northern Ry., into Québec, 8 miles; and on the line from St. Jérôme, on the same line, to Morin Flats, Que., on the old Montford and Gatineau Colonization Ry., about 15 miles. The contractors are O'Brien and Mullarkey, Montréal.

In addition to the construction work on hand, there is projected a line from Montford Junction to Morin's Flats, Que., about 5 miles.

The point of junction of the old Great Northern Ry. with the National Transcontinental Ry., now known as Tawachiche, has been changed to Hervey Junction, and the station at Reed's Camp, where the headquarters of the N.T. Ry. survey parties have been located, has been closed.

Railways: C.N.Q.Ry., N.T.Ry.