July 1904, No. 77 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 235, col. 3

Railway development.

Projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.


Toronto Ry. (Electric.)—The Toronto Ry. Co. having acquired the lines and franchises of the Toronto and Mimico Ry., the Toronto and Scarborough Electric Ry., Light and Power Co., the Metropolitan Ry., the Schomberg and Aurora Ry., and the Toronto and York Radial Ry. Co. is beginning to take steps to have the lines connected up. The first step was taken June 24 when application was made to the city council for permission to connect the tracks of the Toronto and Mimico Ry. with those of the Toronto Ry. The application was to make a temporary connection for the purpose of reballasting and improving the T. and M. Ry., but the city council is averse to giving permission for any temporary connection until the general question of the entrance of all suburban lines to the city is decided.

The Toronto and Mimico Ry. recently made application to the Ontario Railway Committee for power to deviate from the highway at Lorne Park to the beach, which would give a slightly shorter and less hilly route than along the highway. The extension proposed is from Long Branch, the present terminus, to Oakville, about 13 miles. Satisfactory arrangements have been made with the township of Toronto, in regard to the extension and if satisfactory arrangements can be made with the townships of Etobicoke and Trafalgar the work will be gone on with this year. It will be built partly along the public highway and partly on private right of way. The steepest gradient on the extension will be 1 1/2%, and there will be the following bridges on the route at Etobicoke River, 130 or 150 ft. span; Port Credit River, two bridges, one of 80 or 100 ft. span and the second of 30 to 40 ft. span. There will be several minor bridges and culverts. The track will be laid with 60 lb. rails. Contracts will probably be let for the grading and the company will do the rest of the work itself.

The Scarborough township council has declined to grant the Toronto and Scarborough Electric Light and Power Co. a perpetual franchise, but has offered a franchise for 25 years with the privilege of deviating one mile on either side of a certain line in order to avoid steam railway tracks.

The Electrical Development Co., which is promoted largely by the same interests as the T. Ry. Co., has completed the purchase of a right of way, 80 ft. wide, from the site of its power plant a Niagara Falls to Toronto. At several points near the city the width is considerably in excess of this. A subsidiary power house for the distribution of the power, to be brought from Niagara, will be erected outside the city limits, on Davenport Road, and adjoining the C.P.R. tracks. In addition to its pole line for the transmission of power the company has authority to construct a single or double track electric railway from Toronto to Niagara Falls. The company does not at present propose to do more than develop power, of which the T. Ry. and the suburban lines it now owns will be the principal users. (June, pg. 192.)

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