June 1905, No. 88 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 261, col. 2

Electric railways.

Projects, construction, betterments.

Toronto and York Radial Ry.—Application was made at the recent session of the Ontario Legislature for an act authorizing the company to construct the various lines which the Toronto and Scarboro' Electric Ry., Light and Power Co., the Toronto and Mimico Ry. and the Metropolitan Ry. were authorized to constryct under their several acts; to construct a line to Bowanville and Cobourg, Ont., an extension of the Scarboro' line. The company also asked to have it declared that it possessed the same powers as the Metropolitan Ry. The various lines were to be completed in five years. The confirmation of an agreement with the township council of Scarboro' granting a perpetual franchise in the township was also asked. The application met with some opposition from municipal authorities on the ground that the act would confer a perpetual franchise on the company, and that the acts relating to the Metropolitan Ry., which it was sought to have apply to the other lines amalgamated under the title of the T. and Y. R. Ry., gave power to operate the line by steam or electricity. The matter was specially brought before the notice of the Government, and a decision was reached that the bill should not be passed. W. H. Moore, General Manager, offered to withdraw the clauses relating to the franchise, and to ask only for confirmation of the by-law, as in connection with that contracts had been entered into and work was in progress. The same stand was taken by the Government upon this matter, and the Railway Committee decided, by a vote of 9 to 8, not to concur in the preamble. The question of the entrance of the company's lines into the city has been discussed with representatives of the Toronto council, and the York county council, nut no decision was reached. The matter also was brought up in the Legislature, when T. H. Lennox, M.L.A. for North York, introduced a bill for the purpose of forcing an agreement between the radial railways and the city. The bill, however, was withdrawn on the Premier stating that the matter would be considered by the Government and dealt with in connection with the appointment of the Electrical Railway Commission.

Application was made at the recent session of the Ontario Legislature for an act confirming an agreement of the Toronto and Mimico Ry. with the township council of Trafalgar, for a franchise for an electric railway through the township.

Statements made at different points along the route of the proposed extension from Long Branch to Oakville, are to the effect that the options taken on the land for the right-of-way have lapsed, and that there will be no construction this year. It is also stated that the gauge is to be altered to standard, 4 ft. 8 1/2 in., and that until the existing line is so altered no further construction will be undertaken. (Mar., pg. 111.)

Railways: Met.Ry., T. & M.Ry., T. & S.E.Ry., T. & Y.Rad.Ry.