Thursday, November 6, 1930, Vol. 79, No. 36 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 4

Retires from C.N.R. served 45 years

D. J. Quinlan had fine record during long period as dispatcher.

The banquet given last Saturday evening by the officials and staff of the C.N.R., Allandale Division, in honor of Mr. Daniel J. Quinlan, whose retirement on pension after fifty years of service with the railroad, was a fitting tribute to his long and active career in the development and growth of the Canadian National Railways.

Mr. Quinlan was born in King City in 1865, attended public school there, and later at Hope and Richmond Hill, although not yet fifteen years old, that Mr. Quinlan commenced his railroading career in the capacity of relief agent and operator with what was then the Northern & North Western Railway. A year later, in 1881, he was appointed agent at Hawkestone, where he remained about seven months, going next to Gravenhurst, which at the time was the northern terminal, the North Bay extension not yet having been built.

A vivid remembrance of this time at Gravenhurst was the transporting of vast quantities of freight overland by team and sleighs in the winter and by water route in the summer months to points in Muskoka district.

Leaving Gravenhurst, Mr. Quinlan next served at Orillia as night operator and later at Hamilton in the same capacity. Less than a year saw him promoted to chief freight billing clerk, which position he held for six months, when he was given the agency at Tottenham, where he remained for about a year and a half, going next to Beeton and later to Milton. On August 8th, 1888, Mr. Quinlan was appointed dispatcher at this same division headquarters. For 42 years he has been a permanent resident here. On October 19th, 1891, he was married to Miss Alice Hinds, of Barrie, and to this union were born four sons and two daughters. They are, Frank, manager of the Bank of Nova Scotia, Regina; Father Gerald R., chaplain at St. Johns Industrial School, Toronto; Father Alan E., teacher in Rochester, N.Y., Seminary; Horace D., B.A.Sc., Canadian National Telegraphs, Ottawa; Mrs. C. G. Filginao, of Hamilton, and Miss Agnes, at home.

Mr. Quinlan, although at present receiving professional care, has always enjoyed splendid health, and it is the sincere wish of the community that he will soon recover and that he and Mrs. Quinlan will be spared to live many more years as honored and revered citizens of Barrie.

Railways: C.N.Rys., N. & N.W.Ry.

Stations: Beeton, Gravenhurst, Hawkestone, Orillia, Tottenham