January 1910, No. 143 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 63, col. 3

Grain elevator notes.


The Grand Trunk Pacific Elevator Co.'s elevator at Tiffin, Ont., which was fully described in our Dec., 1908. issue, has made some exceedingly good records. During Nov., 1909, the Chicago and St, Lawrence Steam Navigation Co.'s steamboat, E. B. Osler, with 528,000 bush. was unloaded in 21 hrs., an average of 25,143 bush. an hour. This is stated to be a record for unloading at any Canadian elevator, and also the largest load of grain ever carried on a Canadian vessel. Several other quick unloading took place throughout the season, averaging from 21,000 to 25,000 bush. an hour. The figures quoted include the cleaning up of all grain in the holds. From figures given on another page, it will be seen that over 10,000,000 bush. of grain were received at this point, from the head of the lakes. The elevator was constructed by the John S. Metcalf Co., of Montréal and Chicago.

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