Tuesday, November 21, 1922 The Globe (Toronto) Page 12, col. 8

Canadian National Railways

Canadian Northern Ontario Railway

Tender for railway construction

Sealed tenders will be received at the office of the undersigned until twelve o'clock noon on the Fourth Day of December, 1922, for the work of Clearing, Grading, Culverts, Timber Bridging, and Substructures for Bridges, on the Proposed Connection between the Canadian Northern Ontario Railway near Longlac and the National Transcontinental Railway near Nakina, Ontario, approximately twenty-nine and one-half miles long.

Plans, Profiles, Specifications, Forms of Contract and Information for Bidders may be seen and Form of Tender obtained at the offices of the Division Engineer, C. N. Rys., Tunnel Terminal Station, Montréal; the Division Engineer, C. N. Rys., Corner Sparks and Metcalf Streets, Ottawa; the Chief Engineer, C. N. Rys., 407 Old Union Station, Toronto; and the Division Engineer, C. N. Rys., Port Arthur, Ontario, or one copy of each Plan, Profile, Specification, Contract, Instructions to Bidders and Form of Tender may be obtained by application to the Chief Engineer, 407 Old Union Station, Toronto, such application is to be accompanied by Certified Cheque for Fifty Dollars ($50.00) made payable to the Treasurer, Canadian National Railways. This cheque will be returned to the Tenderer when he returns the plans, etc., to the Chief Engineer.

Tenders must be submitted on the printed forms and enclosed in the printed envelopes supplied by the Railway Company, and must be in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders. Each tender must be accompanied by a Certified Cheque on a Chartered Bank of Canada for the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00). Dominion of Canada Government or Victor Bonds will be accepted in lieu of the Certified Cheque, provided that they are have been issued as Bearer Bonds or that they are assigned to the Railway Company so as to be negotiable by that Company. Should the party tendering decline to enter into a contract for the work at the rates given in his tender, Twenty-five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00) of this sum will be forfeited.

The cheque or bonds thus sent in will be returned to the respective tenderers whose tenders are not accepted.

The successful tenderer must be prepared to furnished an Indemnity Bond for the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) from a Surety Company licensed to do business in Canada, this bond to be on the form prescribed by the Railway Company and indemnifying the Company against non-performance by the Contractor of nay of the requirements and terms of the Contract. Dominion of Canada or Victory Bonds for a similar amount will be acceptable in place of Indemnity Bond, provided that they have been issued as Bearer Bonds or that they have been assigned to the Railway Company as above.

On receipt of this Indemnity Bond, which must be furnished by the Contractor within two weeks after being notified that he has been awarded the Contract, the Railway Company will return to the Contractor his deposit cheque or bonds.

The lowest or any tender not necessary accepted.

H. T. Hazen
Chief Engineer, Canadian National Railways, Canadian Northern Railway, Eastern Lines, 407 Old Union Station, Toronto, Ontario.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry., C.N.Rys., N.T.Ry.

Stations: Longlac, Nakina