January 18, 1935 B.R.C. File No. 39310.19 (Otterville Sub. - Simcoe Jct. to Otterville) (Ottawa)

Canadian National Railways

Proposed Line Abandonment

Region - Central Province - Ontario
Division - London From - Simcoe Jct.
Subdivision - Otterville To - Otterville

Distance — 14.2 miles

1. Brief Historical Review

Opened for operation - 1875
Built under charter of - The Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway Co. under the following Statutory Authority Ontario Act 35 V. Chap. 53 of 1872.

In 1881 the Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway Co. by an amalgamation formed the Grand Trunk, Georgian Bay and Lake Erie Railway Co., which in 1893 was amalgamated with the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. The Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada amalgamated with the Canadian National Railway Company in 1923.

2. Physical characteristics of line to be abandoned

(a) Rail - Mostly 60# - 65# - Poor
(b) Bridges - Poor
(c) Culverts - Poor
(d) Ballast - Gravel - Fair
(e) Ties - 90% Untreated - Fair
(f) Max. Grades - Northbound - 1.8%
- Southbound - 1.0%
(g) Curvature - 2° Maximum
(h) Drainage - Fair

Location of line proposed for abandonment is shown coloured Red on the accompanying map.

3. Brief description of territory served.

This line passes through a rather poor farming district on account of the sandy nature of the soil. Agricultural production is limited to tobacco, vegetables and small fruits. This district is not directly served by main highways, but is connected to them by country roads which are kept open all year, and while there is no bus competition, considerable trucking operations are maintained, which have resulted in lost railway revenues.

Location Populations of towns and villages — 1931 census Distance from nearest rly. station on abandonment (Miles) Remarks
Hawtrey - 0.5 Service track, stock pen. No industries.
La Salette - - Service track, jt. agency & interchange with Mich. Cent. No industries. Stock pen.
Brandy Creek - 2.0 Service track. No industries.
Ellaton - 2.0 Flag station, service track. No industries.

4. There has been no train service operated over and no maintenance done on the line since November 1935.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Brandy Creek, Ellaton, Hawtrey, La Salette