Thursday, August 17, 1911 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 4, col. 6

G.T.R. want agreement to run over T. & N. O.

Chairman Englehart made a trip of inspection over the T. and N. O. He travelled by special train, and with him were Mr. Arthur Smithers, of London, Eng., Chairman of the Grand Trunk Railway System; Chas. M. Hays, the president and Mr. T. H. Fitzhugh, vice-president.

They went to Cochrane and out on the National Transcontinental, their intention being to go to the end of the steel in both directions.

Chairman Englehart returned to Toronto, but the Grand Trunk officials will continue west for a trip over the system.

It is not impossible that Mr. Englehart will make an announcement regarding the agreement by which the Grand Trunk Railway will receive running rights over the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway from North Bay to the present terminal point at Cochrane.

The agreement is formulated so as to be mutually advantageous to both parties and it is rumored that the Government road and the Grand Trunk are planning later to erect a union station at North Bay.

The Government road from North Bay to Cochrane, as a mileage of 252 miles with branch lines of about 40 miles and 75 miles of yards and sidings.

The train, which consisted of seven of the handsomest coaches ever seen here, came into the Allandale station at 5 p.m. Monday en route to Sarnia. Two engines were at the head. Superintendent P. J. Lynch was on board as they came in. They just stopped long enough to test the air brakes and inspect the wheels and left for Sarnia via the Hamilton line. The cars which composed the train were the Chivota, Québec, Algonquin, Canada, Ontario, Sir James and Bonaventure.

Railways: G.T.Ry., N.T.Ry., T. & N.O.Ry.

Stations: Allandale, Cochrane, North Bay