June 1911, No. 160 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 521, col. 3

G.T.R. betterments, construction, etc.

Richmond, Que.—A fire which started one of the offices at the Richmond, Que., station, May 11, did over $5,000 worth of damage. The station was practically destroyed.

Montréal track elevation.—At a special meeting of the committee of alderman and controllers having under consideration the plans for the elevation of the tracks from Bonaventure station to St. Henri, May 11, it was unanimously decided that if it were possible, from an engineering standpoint, the tracks should be depressed and not elevated, but that if this were not possible, the embankments should be of stone and concrete, and not of earth as proposed.

The company's plans for the work were submitted to the city council April 28, and have since been under consideration. In connection with the track elevation the work of building a new terminal station at Bonaventure is to be undertaken. This station building will have to be constructed so that entrance will be made to the platforms from the second floor, which will be level with the tracks. The new building will be 285 by 170 ft., with a long elevated platform extending all the way to Mountain St., at which point the first subway or viaduct will be built, the viaduct continuing over every thoroughfare to beyond the city limits. Thirteen passenger tracks will run into the new station and four freight lines into the new sheds. The plans show subways having spans of different widths, from 40 to 66 ft., and one estimate states that 1,300,620 cubic yards of embankments will be necessary. The estimated cost of the entire work was tabulated for the city committee as follows:—

A sum is added for superintendence and contingencies at 10%, $815,497; with interest for a year and a half at 5%, amounting to $448,529 making a grand total of $9,419,000. Under an act of the Québec Legislature, the city is authorized to contribute up to $2,000,000 towards the cost of towards the cost of carrying out the work.

The G.T.R.'s application to the Board of Railway Commissioners for an order for grade separation, or the elevation of its tracks in order to provide for improvements in connection with Bonaventure station and terminals, came before the Board at the sittings, which opened in Montréal, May 18.

Ottawa improvements.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved plans for change of alignment in the vicinity of Rideau Canal, and across Main St., Elgin St., and Echo Drive, Ottawa.

In connection with the C.P.R. proposal of build a tunnel along a portion of the Rideau Canal in order to secure a new entrance to the centre of the city, the G.T.R. is said to have prepared a plan for submission to the city council. The proposition is said to aim at brining all the railways in over intersecting roads as far as the Deep Cut, to allow the Canadian Northern Ry. to run from there to the central station, and to have the C.P.R. tracks parallel those of the its own line through Ottawa East, near the present union station.

The new station is expected to be ready for opening in Sept., about the same time as the new hotel. Other improvements planned include addition to the workshops, but it is not expected that these will be undertaken until the matter of the entrance of the various lines into the city is settled. However, new steel coal chutes will be erected, having a storage capacity of 350 tons, at a cost of about $15,000, to replace the existing trestles.

G.T.R. Cobourg freight house, etc.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has approved plans for the rearrangement of tracks in the yard, and for the erection of a freight house at Cobourg, Ont.

Niagara Falls-Paris, Ont.—The replacing of the present 80 lb. rails with 100 lb. ones between Niagara Falls and Paris, Ont., is being proceeded with rapidly. (May, pg. 431.)


New station at Stratford.—The site chosen for the new station at Stratford, Ont., is on Shakespeare St., not far from Nile St. It is proposed to erect a two story building in which accommodation will be provided for the travelling public on the ground floor, and on the second floor, provision will be made for offices for the various operating departments. The company's plans also involve considerable re-arrangement of the yard.

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