Monday, May 14, 1928 The Globe (Toronto) Page 26, col. 2

Air brakes effective in averting smash

Modern appliances act promptly when train parts in middle

What might have been a serious accident in the old days of railway hand brakes passed almost unnoticed early Saturday afternoon on the Canadian National Railways when a train broke in two. The giant engine, 4100, with a long string of freight cars, was gliding down a long grade that leads from Danforth Station to the waterfront when train parted between an oil tanker and a Lackawanna box car. In the times before air brakes were invented serious consequences might have ensued, for it is doubtful if the frantic efforts of a few brakemen running along car tops and applying brakes could stop the train in time to avert serious trouble.

But this is 1928, and with the severing of the air connection the giant train soon came to a stop. For air brakes are so adjusted that once the air line is severed the train stops. The front end of the train pulled ahead, then backed up when proper repairs had been made, the oil car and rear cars following were coupled on, and the train again rolled along to the west. The tie-up lasted about half an hour.

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