October 1902, No. 56 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 340, col. 1

Grand Trunk Ry. betterments, etc.

Montréal freight sheds.—Rapid progress is being made with the new freight sheds and offices on Chaboillez square. The front, facing the square, 300 ft., is of solid brick, two and a half stories high, and in the center of the façade is a large archway to admit the drays to the driveway between the two lines of warehouses—one for inward freight and the other for outward freight. The brick work overlooking the square is relieved with ornamental stone facings. In the front of the building will be located the local freight office. The new buildings have a depth of about 1,200 ft. from the square.

St. Bruno station.—To replace the station which was burned some time ago, a new building was started at Montarville, Que., whereupon the St. Bruno people obtained an interim injunction to prevent the station being built away from the old site. An agreement has since been effected in regard to the site for the new station.


Port Hope to Whitby.—The work of reducing the gradients and double-tracking the line between Port Hope and Whitby Jct., Ont., a distance of some 32 1/2 miles, is now in hand. For the purpose of securing better alignment, and more favorable grades than can be obtained on the present location, it was decided to make three deviations, viz: 1, from Port Hope to west of Newtonville, about 7 1/4 miles; 2, from mileage 279 3/4 to mileage 283 1/4, 3 1/2 miles; 3, from Bowanville to mileage 295 1/2, 5 1/2 miles. Another short deviation, east of Bowanville, is also being considered. The contracts for the earthwork on the 1st and 3rd deviations where let to P. Breen & Co., of St. Catharines, who have been at work since June. The contract for the earthwork of the 2nd deviation has just been let to Ross & McRae, of Montréal, and work has been commenced. The masonry work will, in all cases, be done by the Hon. W. Gibson, of Beamsville, Ont. The principal engineering features are as follows: Mileage 273 15-16, Port Britain hully, 20 ft. arch, 205 ft. long, under embankment 60 ft. high; mileage 279 1/2, public road under crossing, 21 ft. arch; mileage 291 3/4, combined road and stream arch, 21 ft.; mileage 289, public road under-crossing, 21 ft. arch. (This latter is on the contemplated diversion east of Bowanville, and may not be required if the present location is adhered to.) All the work in connection with lowering of the existing track and widening the embankment for the new second track, where the present location is adhered to, will be done by the Co.'s own men under the supervision of F. H. McGuigan, Manager.

Don yards, Toronto.—The work in connection with re-arranging the Don yard is almost completed. In carrying out the alterations the Don passenger station is wiped out, and the small amount of passenger traffic originating there uses the Queen St. east station, which is situated in a more prominent and getatable [sic] point. In the old yard there were on the line between the Don and Trinity st., three curves and a tangent, and in making the changes two of these curves are done away with and the tangent is carried from the bridge over the Don to near Cherry st., where it connects with the curve which runs to the distillery. This tangent runs north of the present Don station. Practically all the sidings lying east of the C.P.R. crossing are re-arranged. On the north of the main line there are two tracks for holding the east-bound freight trains waiting for orders, and north of the northerly of these tracks is a loop, running to a new ice-house, which will enable east-bound trains to be "iced" without having to do any switching or to cross the main line, as they had to do hitherto. The tracks on the line east of Cherry st. and north of the main line are being arranged so as to make a convenient freight yard. It is the intention to remove the present freight shed from Berkley st. and to erect a building which will do for freight shed, offices, yardmen, operators and customs, at a convenient point. Southerly of the main line is a group of six tracks, which will be used for switching purposes and for holding west-bound trains. The re-arrangement of the yard does not add materially to the length of the tracks there, but will enable a considerable saving to be effected in the speed with which trains can be handled.

Toronto yard accommodation.—The G.T.R. has purchased from the Ontario Government about 11 acres of land lying east of the Central Prison, Toronto, the price paid is understood to be $32,500. It is intended to use the land for an extension of the yards and sidings at North Parkdale station.

Magnetawan River Ry.—The line from Burk's Falls to the Magnetawan river was completed early in Sept., and the bridge over the river was expected to be ready by the end of the month when connection would be made with the short section on the opposite side of the river to the dock. The total length of the line is about 2 miles. It connects the G.T.R. with the navigable portion of the Magnetawan river. (Jan., pg. 3.)

Stayner station.—The freight and passenger stations at Stayner, Ont., will shortly be rebuilt after the recent fire.

Collingwood, Ont.—In connection with the extension of the drydock, it was found necessary to make some slight changes in the tracks at the station and at the curve south of the drydock. The new track was put in operation at the end of Aug.

Guelph Jct. station.—Press reports state that a new station will be erected at Guelph Jct.

Improvements at Beaverton.—Advantage has been taken of the carrying on of construction of the Trent Valley Canal, which enters Lake Simcoe north of Beaverton, Ont., to carry out a number of improvements. The tracks had to be raised in order to be carried over the canal, and in doing this work a number of gradients were reduced and several curves taken out. The heavy grade about a mile east of Lorneville Jct. has been lowered 12 ft., and several feet have been taken off the grade west of Lornesville. Other work in connection with the grade has been done, with a view, it is stated, of doubling the track between Peterboro' and Midland.

Sun Portland Cement Co.'s track.—The works of the S.P.C. Co. in Owen Sound, Ont., adjoin the G.T.R. tracks have been completed, and a siding has been run into them. In addition a spur track 2 miles in length has been constructed from the works to the marl beds at Shallow Lake.

Wiarton spur track.—A spur track about a mile in length has been completed from Wiarton to the new beet sugar factory in course of construction.

Spur track to Bridgeport.—The Co. has constructed a spur line from Berlin, Ont., to the large beet sugar factory in course of construction about 1 1/4 miles from the station, and has carried the track about a mile farther into the village of Bridgeport.

Stratford freight sheds and yards.—A new freight shed has been completed, and the freight yard has been modernized by the re-arrangement of a number of tracks.

Goderich station.—The new station now in course of erection is a convenient and commodious buildings. It dimensions are 83 1/2 ft.; width at north end, 30 ft.; at south end, 24 ft.; height, 32 ft.; height of tower, 50 ft. The foundation is of stone, and the building itself is of red pressed brick. The ground floor plans shows an office 15 by 18 ft.; general waiting room 24 1/2 by 22 ft.; ladies waiting room, 24 1/2 by 22 ft.; baggage room, 22 by 17 ft. The building of which a ground-floor plan and general view appear on this page, is expected to be ready for occupation in the fall. It is understood that the freight offices will be re-arranged.

Third track in Hamilton.—The press report stating that a third track would be laid this year through Hamilton, so as to enable trains to run to and from King st. station and take the main line without going to the Stuart st. station, were premature, as we were recently advised that no decision had been reached.

Hamilton-Niagara double-tracking.—We were advised Sept. 12 that five miles of the grade for the double tracking of the line between Jordan and St. Davids was ready for the rails, and that the earthwork on the remaining nine miles was expected to be completed by the end of Sept. Four of the seven spans of the bridge at Jordan have been completed, and work is in progress on the fifth span.

Brantford deviation.—Work has been commenced on the deviation from the Hamilton-London main line at Fairchild's creek bridge, near Lynden station, which is to run into Brantford, to enable the main line trains to run through that city instead of via Harrisburg, as at present. The trains will run on to the main line again at Paris. The deviation is about 4 miles in length, and will cost about $200,000. There is considerable rock-cutting to be done, as well as some excavation through heavy gravel.

Woodstock, Ont., station.—The erection of a new station on a more convenient site is under consideration. It is suggested that a site at the diamond would be much more convenient for handling trains, as well as for the public.

G.T. Western Ry. double-tracking.—In connection with double-tracking of the line from Port Huron to Chicago, the contractors have struck a "sinkhole" near Haslett's Park, Mich., 106.29 miles from Port Huron. Eighteen thousand yards of gravel have been dumped into the hole up to the end of Aug., and it was expected that the steam shovel would be employed in filling the hole until Nov.

Michigan stations.—A new brick station is being erected at Lansing. A new station is also being built at Flint.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Bowmanville, Newtonville, Port Hope, Whitby