Thursday, November 10, 1898 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 2, col. 4

Burning of the Pacific.

Shortly after 3 o'clock last Thursday morning fire broke out in the Grand Trunk Railway freight sheds, on the dock at Collingwoood and the building and wharf are now a total wreck. The Great Northern Transit Company's steamer Pacific, Capt. R. Foote, was also burned.

The fire is supposed to have been caused by a live wire. The steamer Pacific was lying close alongside of the freight sheds and had commenced loading for the trip to the Sault on Thursday. The flames spread so rapidly that it was impossible to save the vessel, especially as there were no boats in the harbor with steam up.

The Pacific was a general favorite with the travelling public and was valued at $55,000. She is insured for $25,000 in different companies. There was a large amount of goods in the freight shed, which were destroyed.

The Grand Trunk Company's loss will be in the neighbourhood of $50,000. All their books, records, and papers were also destroyed.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Collingwood