Wednesday, February 4, 1925 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 6, col. 5

Toronto to Collingwood line may be shortened

The report is in circulation around Schomberg that the Canadian National Railways is negotiating for the acquisition of the Schomberg electric line between Yonge street and Schomberg, a distance of approximately 13 miles, which the Hydro-Electric Power Commission will cease operating. Color is lent to the report by the activity of certain C.N.R. officials and the presence recently in the neighborhood of engineer and surveyors.

The idea will be to link up the open stretch of about 10 miles between Schomberg and Beeton and get connection for a direct line between Toronto and Georgian Bay, avoiding the present long detour by way of Georgetown Junction. The Schomberg line would be converted into a steam road. The new cut off would run through an absolutely level farming country, and the only portion of the Schomberg line that would required to be torn up is the section between Yonge Street at Curtis' Corners, and the diamond where the C.N.R. to Allandale crosses the Schomberg line.

When the Government dredging operations in Collingwood harbor were under way last fall, it was freely stated that that port would shortly resume its operation as an outlet to the Georgian Bay and western points, and that the new line would form a powerful competitor to the C.P.R. for tourist and freight traffic, and that seventeen miles would be cut off the haul between Collingwood and Toronto.

The suggested short cut would put every hamlet and town between Beeton and Collingwood on a fast through line.

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