Thursday, March 17, 1932, Vol. 80, No. 3 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 8, col. 2

Allandale news


Derailment at Oriole

The C.N.R. auxiliary was called out last Saturday morning to assist in clearing the derailment of passenger no. 4, a flier from Western Canada, at Oriole on the Bala subdivision. The accident it thought to have been caused by a broken axle on the car next to the engine. In all seven cars were off the track, most of which were merchandise and baggage cars. Only one injury was reported, a woman in a colonist car receiving slight head cuts.


Carmen laid off

A reduction in the staff of carmen at Allandale on the C.N.R. was made on Wednesday, March 16th, when Chas. McFarland and W. Cullen were laid off. The case of Mr. Cullen is indeed unfortunate. After twenty-two-years of faithful service to his employers, he was forced to leave the railroad with just one more year to put in to become eligible for a pension. No doubt this is a great disappointment to Mr. Cullen, who has probably had vision of a comfortable income to live upon after retirement only to be deprived of it at the last moment.

Collingwood station burned.

The C.N.R. suffered a $15,000 loss when the station at Collingwood was burned early Saturday morning. The cause is thought to be have been defective wiring. Passersby noticed flames and smoke issuing from the tower, where the fire seems to have started, but it had such great headway that the entire building was gutted before the blaze was finally under control. The firemen were, however, able to save the baggage and express records before the flames reached that part of the building R. W. Thoms, the agent, was the last to leave the station. About 10 p.m. he banked the fires and left everything as usual before going home. At the time the fire broke out there was no one around, the night watchman having been laid off about a year ago. This station was one of the oldest on the division, being erected in 1875. At present a baggage car and coach are serving as a station until a new one can be built. The walls of the burned structure are of a sturdy build and with a new roof and interior will serve for a number of years.

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