Friday, June 15, 1906 The Toronto Daily Star (Toronto) Page 1, col. 2

First coach from city [to] Beaverton

Traveled over James Bay line in less than three hours—Government engineer on Board

Beaverton, Ont., June 15.—The first coach on the James Bay Railway arrived in Beaverton from Toronto last evening, with Chief Engineer White and Government Engineer Fairburn on board. The train was in charge of Conductor Fred Russell and Engineer Charles Quantic, both capable men. The trip was made in less than three hours, some time having been taken up inspecting the work. The road is ballast for a considerable distance south of this point, and the officials found the road in a very satisfactory condition.

The contractors who are building the road to Parry Sound are pushing the work north of this place very rapidly, and deserve credit for the able manner in which they handle such a large undertaking. The road promises to be a boon to tourists who travel in this direction, affording them ample accommodation and quick transit to the many beautiful lakes in this part of the Province.

Railways: J.B.Ry.

Stations: Beaverton