July 1924, No. 317 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 357, col. 2

Canadian National Railways construction, betterments, etc.


Beaverton highway bridge.—The railway's bridge and building forces are reconstructing the bridge carrying the highway over the railway at mile 105.5, near Beaverton, Ont. The present timber bridge, built in 1904, consists of frame bents supporting longitudinal stringers with a 3 in. plank flooring. The new structure will consist of concrete abutments and dwarf piers, with 44 ft. deck plate girder span, carried on iron bents over the tracks, giving space for future tracks, with girder spans of 55 ft. 8 in. and 55 ft. on the south and north approaches, respectively. The floor system will consist of 24 in. I beams spaced on approximately 13 ft. centers, rivetted to side girders, with released T rails embedded in concrete. The present approach gradients of 10 and 11% will be reduced to 5%. The new structure will have a vertical clearance of 22 1/2 ft. and a horizontal clearance of 20 ft.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Beaverton