February 1911, No. 156 The Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 141, col. 1

Canadian Northern Ry. construction, etc.


Canadian Northern Ontario Ry.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the building of the line from near Hawkesbury, towards Montréal, between lots 78 and 80, St. Eustache parish, station 1848+80; and the building of a bridge over Rivière des Milles Isles, between Two Mountains and Laval counties, mileage 37.9 from Hawkesbury. Track has been laid altogether upon 71.7 miles of the Toronto-Ottawa line as follows: mileage 0 to 44.6, 44.6 miles; mileage 69.4 to 71. 7, 2.3 miles; and mileage 71.8 to 96.6, 24.8 miles.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the building of the line across Hurdman's Road, Nepean tp., subject to certain conditions. The route plans for the section of the Toronto-Ottawa line between Deseronto and Portland, came up for consideration before the Minister of Railways, Jan. 10, when representatives from Newboro, Westport and other points attended and pressed their views as to the location. The Minister promised to give consideration to what had been said before approving the plans. The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized a junction with the G.T.R. Harwood branch in Cobourg; and the building of a branch line in Trenton to connect with the Central Ontario Ry., and certain transfer tracks also in Trenton; to carry the line across Foster Ave., Belleville; to use five piers for the bridge across the Moira River at Belleville; and has approved the location of the line between Sydenham and Harrowsmith, mileage 159.70 to 162.27.

The Minister of Railways, Jan. 12, decided to refer to the Board of Railway Commissioners the application for approval of the location of the Toronto end of the line, from Macpherson Ave., to Rosedale Heights. Speaking in reference to this and other railway matters, Sir Donald D. Mann, Vice President C.N.R., said Jan. 12: The C.P.R. is already handling business out of North Toronto, and before very long we will also be operating trains through there. Now, suppose the C.P.R. built a big passenger station there, and did not want the Canadian Northern, or any other company in the same terminal, and suppose we built a station, as we probably will do in the course of a few years, and in return for an arrangement in the present Union Station we allowed the G.T.R. to use the C.N.R. terminal in North Toronto, it could be done. The C.N.O. line to Ottawa, now under construction, of course, will be connected up with North Toronto, but just where has not been decided as yet, but north of East Toronto, the line passes within half a mile of the G.T.R. main line between Toronto and Montréal. All that would be necessary, you see, would be to construct a line across that half mile or so, and G.T.R. trains could swing to the north there and so continue on over the C.N.O. lines into North Toronto. But remember, I do not propose to utterly abandon the Union Station. It should also be kept in operation. Just how I would not say at present, but it seems to me that in the summer it would be the proper station from which all passenger business connecting with the steamboats should be handled. If all the roads concerned agree on that point I do not see what would be placed in the way by any other interest. It may be, however, that they could not do that, for I am not sure on that point. But under the scheme I have suggested here as one way of handling the problem, the bulk of the through trains, at least, would be sent across the north end of the city. The contract for the bridge on the Toronto-Trenton section at Trenton, has been let to S. Henderson, and work was started on the substructure Jan. 1. There will be two abutments and nine piers in from 12 to 19 ft. of water. Five cofferdams have been put in place, and 4 ft. of concrete work done in each. It is expected to have the substructure completed in March.

A Hamilton press report states that another plan for the entrance of the company's lines into Hamilton is under consideration. This involves a line at the back of Dundurn Park, with a viaduct across the city to James and Strachan sts, where a station would be built.

The branch line from Udney, on the Toronto-Sudbury line to Atherley Jct., Ont., has been extended from mileage 5.71 to Atherley Jct., 1.69 miles, during 1910.

Railways: C.N.O.Ry., C.No.Ry., C.P.Ry., G.T.Ry.

Stations: Udney