April 1898, No. 2 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 46, col. 3

Ontario & the Great Lakes.


The Kingston & Montréal Forwarding Co. has secured the contract for carrying grain from the new elevator at Coteau Landing to Montréal. The grain will be carried from the west to the elevator over the Canada Atlantic Ry. It will be carried to Parry Sound by vessel, & there transhipped into cars for Coteau. This change may necessitate the removal of the Forwarding Co.'s business from Portsmouth.


The Canada Atlantic Railway is going to be a factor in the grain trade this coming season. The steamer Lynn has been chartered to take 350,000 bushels of corn from Chicago to Parry SoundActually Depot Harbor not Parry Sound. at 1st open water, for export from Montréal. This makes about 500,000 bushels that have been taken at 5 3/4;c. a bushel on corn & 6 c. on wheat through from Chicago to Montréal. The 5 steamers which the Canada Atlantic has engaged between Chicago & Duluth to Parry Sound will, it is said, deliver 15,000 tons a week, & other steamers may also be expected to engage in the trade to Parry Sound.


Traffic Manager Smith of the Canada Atlantic Ry. reports favorable arrangements with the ocean lines out of Montréal for large quantities of export traffic from Manitoba & the Northwestern States in connection with the new lake line to Parry SoundActually Depot Harbor not Parry Sound. Its fleet of five 3,000-ton steel boats will probably leave the head of the lakes for Parry Sound about April 20. These are the Saxon, Briton, Roman, German & Grecian. In addition to its own fleet the Co. has chartered several of the largest lake carriers for grain, among which is the new steel steamer built at Chicago during the past winter, the Linn, whose 1st cargo to Parry Sound will either be 220,000 bus. of corn or 350,000 bus. of oats. The Canada Atlantic may be depended on to handle a large portion of through freight hereafter.

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