May 1899, No. 15 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 137, col. 2

Surveys, construction, betterments, &c.


Canada Atlantic.—The trestle work at Arnprior is to be filled up to track level.


Central Ontario.—At the recent session of the Ontario Legislature this Co. was granted a cash subsidy of $3,000 a mile for 21 miles, to assist it in extending from Ormsby, 5 miles from its northern terminus at Coe Hill. Whether the extension will be gone on with this year depends on the action of the Dominion Parliament as to granting a Dominion subsidy. If this be given, we are informed the Co. will immediately start to extend from Ormsby via Bancroft to either Barrys Bay or Whitney, on the Canada Atlantic Ry. The distance from Ormsby to Barry's Bay would be about 60 miles, & to Whitney about 75, Bancroft is about 20 miles from Ormsby, & it is not likely work would be carried beyond there this year. J. D. Evans, Trenton, Ont., is the Co.'s Engineer, & will have charge of the work. G. Collins is General Superintendent & Secretary of the Co. (Feb., pg. 39.)


Ontario and Rainy River.—The rock work on the contract for the first 20 miles from Stanley west, on which work has been proceeding all winter, is nearly finished, & the contractor is building camps to open out the whole work remaining on the contract as soon as the frost is out of the ground. The pier & abutments for the bridge across the Kaministiqui River are all but completed, & a large quantity of timber & ties has been taken out. No decision has yet been come to as to whether the line will run south or north of Shebandowan, but the survey to determine this is being pushed. West of the height of land 3 parties are locating along the Atikokan & Seine Rivers. Sounding have been made across Rainy Lake to determine the depth & description of bottom, & several crossings of Rainy River in the townships of Worthington & Attwood have been surveyed & sounded to determine where the best crossing is to be had. Further examinations of crossing are being made near the mouth of the river.

At Rat Portage it is rumored that Rainy Lake will be crossed at Squall Point, & that the line will continue through Indian Reserve B. 18, on a line with the northern boundary of the township of McIrvine, thence northerly & westerly, through the townships of Carpenter & Dobie, to the township of Attwood, near Beaver Mills, passing 2 1/2 miles north of Fort Frances. It is also rumored that Rainy River will be crossed, & connection made with the Manitoba & Southeastern extension in Minnesota, near Beaudette River.

The Ontario Legislature has voted the Co. a cash bonus of $4,000 a mile for the whole line from Stanley to Rainy River, about 280 miles. It also has a Dominion subsidy of $3,200 a mile for 80 miles, this to be increased to a further subsidy of 50% on so much of the average cost of the mileage subsidized as is in excess of $15,000 a mile, the whole subsidy not to exceed $6,400 a mile. It is understood the Co. is now seeking Dominion aid for the whole 280 miles, & that it wants $6,400 a mile irrespective of the cost of construction. (Mar., pg. 72.).

It is expected contracts for 80 miles, beyond the 20 already under construction, will be let this month, to be completed this year.


James Bay.—The Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry, Sound Ry. passes some 4 miles south of Parry Sound, making its Lake Huron terminus at Depot Harbor. The people of Parry Sound have been trying for some time to get the O. A. & P. S. to build a branch to the town, but without success. It is now said that arrangements have been made with the James Bay Ry. Co., by which it will build the link as part of its line, thus making the start required by its charter, & that pending further construction of the James Bay line north & south the link will be operated by the O. A. & P. S. Ry. The work will be heavy, there being a good deal of rock.

Railways: J.B.Ry., O.A. & P.S.Ry.

Stations: Depot Harbor, Parry Sound