September 1900, No. 31 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 293, col. 2

Canada Atlantic Railway elevators.

The illustrations on this page show the C.A.R. Co.'s elevators at Depot Harbor, Ont., & Coteau Landing, Que. The one at Depot Harbor on Parry Island, on the east side of Georgian Bay, takes grain from boats which have been loaded at any of the great lake ports, such as Fort William, Duluth, Chicago, etc., & loads it into cars. For physical reasons the marine tower was built separate from the main house with which it is connected by a belt conveyer. Following are the principal dimensions, etc.:

The grain which goes through the Depot Harbor elevator is loaded on cars & taken over the C.A. tracks to Coteau Landing, on the St. Lawrence River, about 37 miles up stream from Montréal. After passing through the Coteau Landing elevator the grain is loaded into barges & taken by river & canal to Montréal, where it is transferred to ocean steamships. Following are particulars of the Coteau Landing elevator:

Both these elevators were built from plans drawn by John S. Metcalf Co., Chicago, Ill.

Railways: C.A.Ry.

Stations: Coteau, Depot Harbor