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February 1899, No. 12 The Railway and Shipping World (Toronto) Page 46, col. 3

Miscellaneous freight matters.


Freight traffic on the Canada Atlantic system increased remarkably during 1898. There passed through Ottawa to Montréal 12,000,000 bush. of grain for export. The through freight traffic of the line, east & west, shows a good increase, 72,000 tons of freight having been carried east, & 65,000 west. The local freight traffic has increased at a good rate, especially in livestock, dairy, & cereals. The movement of lumber has been about the same as in previous years, & shows little increase. An Ottawa dispatch reports President Booth as saying, he would make "Montréal one of the chief grain centres of America." From various sources come the reports that in carrying out his plan he is building 2 large steamers to carry Manitoba wheat from Fort William to Parry SoundGrain elevators were located at Depot Harbor., the U.S. vessels he employed last year being prohibited by the coasting laws from engaging in this trade. Last year Mr. Booth's route carried only 500,000 bush. of Canadian wheat which came through in bond by way of Duluth. At a Toronto Board of Trade meeting' recently, it was stated the C.A.R. had quoted a through rate from Chicago to Montréal of 3-1/2¢ a bush., which is about 1/4¢ lower than the lowest rate of last year, which was one of unprecedentedly low rates.

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