Friday, August 5, 1904, Vol. 53, No. 28 The Newmarket Era Page 8, col. 3

A pitch-in on the G.T.R.

Gravel train stood on main line.

A serious accident happened Monday afternoon a mile north of Gravenhurstto the Grand Trunk train from North Bay, due in Toronto at 8 p.m. Two engines were demolished, two engineers, a mail clerk and several passengers were injured, and that many deaths did not result seems a miracle.

A short distance north of Gravenhurst, as the passenger train rounded a sharp curve Engineer Meekin of Allandale saw another train standing on the main line a little way ahead. He had just time to reverse his engine and jump, the fireman leaping from the other side of the cab, when the trains came together, and the engine of the passenger turned completely upside down in the ditch.

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