December 1919, No. 262 Canadian Railway and Marine World (Toronto) Page 654

Railway development, projected lines, surveys, construction, betterments, etc.

Grand Trunk Ry.—The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the company to take certain lands at Gravenhurst, Ont., for additional tracks and terminals facilities.

The Board of Railway Commissioners has authorized the rebuilding of overhead bridge at mile 92.50, District 20, London Division, carrying Mechanic St., over the track at Drumbo, Ont., and also the renewal of the overhead bridge at mile 84.35, from Black Rock, District 20, London Division, carrying John St., over its tracks at Paris, Ont.

We are officially advised, in connection with the extension of the company's yards at London East, Ont., that 21,980 ft. of new track will be laid. The extensions of the several tracks are:—No. 1, 2,280 ft.; no. 2, 1,865 ft.; no. 3, 1,765 ft.; no. 4, 1,685 ft.; no. 5, 1,325 ft.; no. 6, 1,735 ft.; no. 7, 2,280 ft.; no. 8, 2,190 ft.; no. 9, 2,075 ft.; no. 10, 1,935 ft., no. 11, 1,530 ft. Two new ladder tracks, one 815 ft. and the other 500 ft. long, have been laid. Approximately 50,000 center yards of material were used to fill into sub-grade. The tracks in the entire yard are now at 13 1/2 ft. centers; the lead at the west end of the yard (Egerton St.), has been rearranged, and curves have been flattened out to give better operating conditions. (Oct.Nov., pg. 536603.)

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