Thursday, August 2, 1923, Vol. 72, No. 24 The Northern Advance (Barrie) Page 1, col. 6

C.N. headquarters will not be moved

Few crews to be moved, but no change here in freight traffic.

"The divisional headquarters of the C.N.R. will not be transferred from Allandale to Gravenhurst", said Supt. Weegar in conversation with the Advance on Monday.

"In fact, there will be no extensive change", continued the Superintendent, "a few crews, about six or seven, will be sent to Gravenhurst or Toronto, but that is all the difference there will be."

For some time, there has been considerable anxiety among the railwaymen and merchants concerning the proposed change. The railwaymen, because they do not wish to leave town, where their homes are located; the merchants, because they fear the business depression which would inevitably follow. Several wild rumors have been flying about. Some had it that within a year there would be left in Allandale only a few passenger crews. Other, more conservative, believed that only half the men on the payroll here would be transferred. To all such rumors Supt. Weegar says, "There is nothing to them." The statement that is made concerning the number of crews which will be moved will be welcome news and will remove considerable unrest.

Mr Weegar is quite optimistic. "Owing to the co-ordination of the roads we will get more freight over this division than ever before."

"But the other route is shorter, and more tonnage can be hauled by each train. Why should more freight be sent this way?" asked the reporter.

"We can handle it faster because we have better facilities for the purpose", was the reply.

"Is there any truth in the suggestion that engines on passenger trains will no longer be changed at Allandale?"

"Absolutely none", rejoined Mr. Weegar, "but really", he added, "the less said about this matter the better. It has been given to much publicity already."

It is well known that the other route has certain advantages. Freight to the north can be hauled from Toronto over the Parry Sound line to Washago, and then to North Bay over the old G.T.R. The distance is about ten miles shorter and the grades easier. Because of this almost 750 tons additional can be hauled on each train. The fact that train crews must be paid for 100 miles, even if their run is only 63 miles, had much bearing on the proposed change. But speed in handling freight is essential, particularly freight to Toronto and eastern points. This is the feature which could not be overlooked. In addition to this there has been a great deal of opposition to the move. These two points, added to the cost of rebuilding at Gravenhurst, are largely responsible for the change not being made. There will be increased traffic over the other route, and the six crews from Allandale will be used to help handle it.

There has been no diminution in the freight traffic over this division, and to quote Supt. Weegar, "there will not be".

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