Friday, June 4, 1897, Vol. 46, No. 20 The Newmarket Era Page 1, col. 6

Barrie, 1897-05-28.—Mr. Jas Farrell, car repairer at Allandale, was instantly killed at Burk's Falls at noon today. A freight train running at fifteen miles an hour intended to go on a siding not far ahead, but before doing so the caboose had been uncoupled so that it could be kept on the main track. James Farrell was stepping from the caboose to the first flat car when the breach suddenly widened, the unfortunate man dropping in front of the van, which ran over him killing him instantly.

Near Cardwell Junction the other day a freight train went over an embankment 20 feet deep, tearing up the rails and causing probably $50,000 damage. What was left of the cars was piled in heaps, the debris being partly interred in the thousands of bushels of grain and flour that had composed the train's cargo. The train was bound from Owen Sound to Toronto. The wreck was cause by a defective wheel on the first car. The brakeman had a very exciting experience. He jumped from the car just as it started to roll over the embankment, and ran along the top of the cars right down to the end of the train, each car toppling over just as he left it. He escaped injury, as did also the engineer and fireman.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

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