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Burk's Falls fire-swept; over thirty buildings gone.

In a high windstorm flames rushed over main street of town.

Many people are homeless.

The fire believed to have started in drying kiln of the Knight Co.

Two hotels, many business houses and dwelling and the Anglican Church destroyed—Telegraph wires in the town were burned—An appeal for aid to Huntsville, which sent up its fire brigade on a special train—No estimate on losses, but they will be heavy, while the insurance, it is believed, is light.

Special Despatch to The Globe

Knight lime kiln.

Burk's Hotel.

Clifton Hotel.

Burk's Falls Transfer Co.'s Livery.

Lamb & Smith, butchers.

Glibert shoe store.

F. W. Clark, hardware.

Clubert & Blyth, butchers.

C. W. Coulter, general store.

Kirk & McDougall, barbers.

S. T. Vanstone, jeweller.

F. Reavellin, restaurant.

J. J. Mitchell, confectioner.

J. Davidovitch, general store.

Stewart's livery.

H. A. Sydin, general store.

J. N. Dodds, harnessmaker.

E. E. Siebers, photo gallery.

Canadian Express and G. N. W.

George Veal, shoemaker.

J. W. Harris, merchant tailor.

G. C. Church & Co., general store.

The English church and ten other buildings, including some dwellers, all on the main street.

Burk's Falls, June 21.—By a fire which broke out yesterday afternoon a large portion of this little town was wiped out of existence and damage running into many thousands of dollars caused. The fire is supposed to have originated in the drying kiln of the Knight Company, Limited.

High Wind Blowing.

There was a high wind blowing at the time and the flames swept rapidly along the main street, eating up everything before them. The efforts of the people themselves were utterly unavailing to stop the progress of the fire, which before it was got under control had completely consumed over thirty business places and dwellings.

Huntsville to the Rescue.

An emergency message was sent to Huntsville and a special train was rushed out from there with the fire brigade and equipment. They did good work in assisting and stopping the progress of the conflagration, and by about 9 o'clock at night the fire was practically over. The telegraph wires leading into the town were burned early in the course of the fire, so that no direct messages could be sent out. The Grand Trunk wire at the station, however, was utilized in getting messages to those who had business interests in Burk's Falls.

Losses Are Heavy.

While no accurate estimate of the loss could be ascertained to-night it will undoubtedly be very heavy, though it is understood that in most cases the insurance is light. Many of those whose places of business were burned out lived over their stores, and they have not only lost everything, but are rendered homeless beside.

Worst in Town's History.

Burk's Falls, June 21.—(G.N.W. Press Despatch.)—The worst fire in the history of Burk's Falls occurred yesterday, when property to the value of $150,000 went up in smoke. There is insurance of about $70,000. The fire originated in the drying kiln of Knight Bros.' factory, the factory itself being saved by the good work of the fire brigade and employees. A heavy northwest wind was blowing, and the whole town was in danger of destruction until the wind subsided in the evening. The heaviest losses are the Burke House, the Clifton House, C. W. Coulter's general store, Burk's Falls Hardware Co., McDougall & Kirk's barber shop and pool-room and the Canadian Express and the G. N. W. office, E. E. Sieber's photography gallery, All Saints' Church of England, Culbert & Bligh's butcher shop, Lamb & Smith's butcher shop, J. W. Harris' tailor shop, J. N. Dodds' harness shop, G. C. Church, general merchant, J. J. Mitchell, confectionery store, J. Davidovich, general merchant, S. T. Vanstone's jewellery store and residence, Stewart's livery and the Burk's Falls Transfer Co., also half a dozen dwellings, all completely destroyed.

Suffered Damage.

W. Sharp Co.'s general store, Dr. Partridge's drug store, The Arrow printing office, J. P. Fowler, general merchant, the postoffice and C. P. R. ticket office, and many other buildings caught on fire, but owing to the good work done by the citizens and the fire brigade were saved.

The fire brigade came up from

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